Tweed suits for men

Tweed suits for men, from the Himalayas – Heirloom Fabrics For The Gentleman

Tweed suits for men, from the Himalayas – Heirloom Fabrics For The Gentleman


Tweed suits for men are the perfect example of luxury, power and a comfortable authority that comes combined with age, and correspondingly, grace. Himalayan Tweed has come full circle in the fashion mainstream spotlight.

When you think of Himalayan Tweed you probably think of an old fashioned, conservative guy who’s probably headed to the northern sides for a bit of shooting and hunting. However, Tweed suits for men are actually one of the smartest and coolest ways to stay warm without bulking up in layers of clothing so it is both practical and stylish. 

So, what is Himalayan Tweed? It is often known as the intricate fabric, which is an Heirloom fabric made on a handmade wooden Khaadi or handloom by the local artisans at their homes in Kinnaur, upper areas of the Himalayas.  

Tweed suits for men

TWEED SUITS FOR MEN – Gentlemen’s Fashion

Although tweed is deeply rooted in the Indian heritage, today, like most things, it has been re-imagined, restructured and re-introduced for the fashion that involves a man. 

The unique, cashmere-like hand feel of Himalayan Tweed made from worsted yarns, along with a lightweight, yet thick drape, make them ideal for Tweed suits for men, that are long-lasting wool fabrics, superior in warmth and at the same time, made of 100% natural materials. 

Nowadays, we often see an excess of products made from it, mainly trousers and jackets featuring new cuts, and designs repositioning tweed from a mainly conventional and traditional piece of clothing to urban consumers.

Indian History Behinds – TWEED SUITS

Kinnaur Handcrafted Himalayan Tweed

Head to Kinnaur Handcrafted Himalayan Tweed for great raw materials produced in Kinnaur, great Himalayan ranges of India. The wool used to make the tweed is Organic wool, from bio-branded sheep, specially bred for the purpose of producing wool fabric, which is the primary part of the process in the making of exclusive Tweed suits for men

Tweed suits for men

When you buy a yard of Himalayan tweed, it’s not just a yard, it’s a lot of Indian history you’re buying. That should come as no surprise because, in Kinnaur, hand-weaving is a skill passed down for generations. 

The heritage crafting of wool fabrics has gone on for over a thousand years in the great Himalayan ranges of India. But due to a dearth of education among the very skillful weavers of the region, the craft could not spread the reach of wool fabrics to the international customers until recently.

In the making of these heirloom fabrics of heritage quality, the traditional techniques have been combined with modern technicality, with a sense and sensibility that pleases the eye of a gentleman.

Different Colour Designs – TWEED SUITS

If you’re on purchasing your first tweed item and you want to wear it confidently, you should start with the Blazer. Men’s tweed blazers are probably your best bet to stay warm and amp up your look without trying too hard- just make sure you deploy the trend correctly.

Tweed Blazers

Brown Tweed Suits

Grey Tweed Suits

Check Tweed Suits 

Tweed suits for men

Let’s Conclude

Today, tweed is slowly becoming more popular and witnessing its own trends and fashions. So traditional tweed is perhaps best thought of as a reference point, an archetype from which many others draw inspiration.

So, Kinnaur Handcrafted took their steps towards the journey of producing hand-woven Tweed suits for men from fleece available in the beautiful pastures of the Himalayan mountains of Kinnaur. 

Fo making your winters more stylish and warm, and to have more information about the Himalayan Tweed, Visit

Kinnaur Handcrafted

Harris Tweed Fabric


The infrequent character and attractiveness of HARRIS TWEED are due to the fact it is the sole cloth produced in commercial quantities by truly traditional methods anywhere on the planet. Hundreds of distinctive patterns developed over time, every distinctive but unmistakably Harris tweed fabric with its feature subtle designs in complex all-natural shades.

Himalayan Tweed:

Himalayan Tweed – Taash is often known as the intricate fabric, is a Handwoven Himalayan Tweed fabric that is made on a handmade wooden Khaadi or handloom by the local artisans at their homes in Kinnaur, upper areas of the Himalayas.  

Initially, the wool has been washed in soft peat water and then colored with dyes from nearby plants and moss scraped in the stones.

The yarn was woven on a very ancient type of handloom that having a manually controlled shuttle.

The entire backbone behind the workings of Himalayan Tweed, Taash is based on being able to revive historical craft skills and build a bridge between the remote rural artisans to an urban buyer.

It’s astonishing to consider in this and mass-produced world, Himalayan Tweed is still woven by hand on the Northern ranges of Himalayas.

The Cloth- Harris Tweed Fabric:

Unusually our wool is dyed prior to being spun, allowing us to blend a multitude of colors into our yarn. With each thread containing a plethora of different colors, a cloth of fantastic depth and complexity is generated.

There’s also an extensive catalog of designs to delve right into from a range of Plain Twills and conventional Herringbones to more complex Plaids and all mixtures thereof. HARRIS TWEED is also adventurous enough to be woven into contemporary and unconventional patterns and the Himalayan tweed fabric Producers continue to research possibilities with customers with every new year.

Soft, tactile, breathable, warm, vibrant, sustainable, adaptable…the older picture of coarse, scratchy, dour tweed simply does not exist these days. While still retaining its heritage of practicality and longevity, the Himalayan tweed fabric of now extols all of the attributes and virtues of a truly luxury 21st-century cloth.

Curtain and Upholstery Fabric

Harris Tweed fabric, Taash weaved from the rugged sheep which graze on the Himalayan ranges. The only cloth is woven on Harris Tweed fabric, Taash can carry the Original symbol which ensures it is genuine Himalayan Tweed. Every length of Tweed fabric is provided with a label that can be sewn into place to denote credibility.

Harris Tweed fabric Upholstery Fabric:

Harris Tweed fabric is perfect for upholstery, being produced from virgin wool it’s both hard-wearing and inherently flame retardant. In the event you choose Harris Tweed fabric upholstery cloth for your sofa or chair you can expect it to look superb for many years to come.

Harris Tweed Curtain Fabric:

If you require curtains made from some of our Harris Tweed fabric cloths, please get in touch with your measurements and other requirements, and we will provide you with a quote for our bespoke curtain making service. Our Harris Tweed fabric Curtain fabric is of the maximum quality and every piece includes a tag confirming the credibility origin.

Tweed sells at a fraction of what Harris desires in the worldwide market, but there isn’t much of the difference in the character of the wool and its feel. Proper branding can help create a massive market and the net can prove a huge instrument for Harris Tweed Products in India.