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Stay Ageless and Dress Your Tweeds Right After 40s

There’s no right or wrong when it comes to dressing but if you don’t want to look as if you’re still in your sweet sixteen and you are facing a hard time deciding how to pull off your style game and still look young, you’ve come to the right place!

For the ones who believe in aging gracefully, “Tweed” is the fabric for you.

Especially, a tweed jacket features a beautiful raw texture and gives a premium feel altogether creating a 3D look. The older you get, the more worth cherishing it becomes. One of the beauties of the tweed fabric is that it blends smoothly with the surroundings, softening the look and downplays wrinkles reflecting a buttery smooth hand feel. 

But we understand, dressing after 40s can be quite challenging for you, so here we are with few guidelines that will be your savior.

We believe looking absolutely amazing doesn’t require much time and efforts; it just needs the right rock solid attire. 

It’s said that men tend to improve with age, graciously, as old wine. And the trick is quite simple, with age comes the wisdom and with the wisdom comes the glory. So now that you are over 40s and you have all the leisure time and worldly pleasures to enjoy the fruit of your success and hard work, you can still be the best-dressed man and be the talk of the town.

So without further ado let’s see what are the rules for styling over 40s.

The first rule, don’t borrow your son’s attire as they will make you look generations apart and feel too awkward. It will seem as if you’re trying too hard to dress youthfully. Keep in mind; it’s important to dress gracefully with age rather than choosing attire out of your little boy’s wardrobe.

Secondly, go for quality over quantity. Luxury clothing with a fine cut and silhouettes hide a ton of sins. Perfect silhouette could flatter your shape and a perfect color combo can blend perfectly with your complexion giving you that exact jazz. Especially a high quality tweed jacket can make you feel like a million bucks and will also last for generations being an excellent value for money.

Thirdly, if you are not a very big fan of suits all you can do is to dress a bit casually.

Tweed jackets give you the leisure to experiment, be versatile and most importantly exude power dressing without putting in too much effort. You can consider wearing a tweed jacket paired with chinos/jeans and bespoke crisp white shirt. 


As you know tweed fabric is unisex in nature and can be adorned well by both men and women. Tweed has its greatest moments and been in fashion for years. And every girl must have dreamt of wearing a Chanel tweed jacket. Tweed is a classic and chic material that’s never going to fade. It’s also versatile, timeless and a sure shot investment piece. But at the same time it’s important to know the basics of tweed dressing so that you look your best over 40s. So here we have something for women over 40s. Tweed is a very versatile fabric and can easily transition from office day look to evening party look.  Why should men have all the fun?

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1. Don’t buy clothes that seem unflattering to your body shape: Knowing your true body shape is important. So don’t just blindly follow any trend forecast in order to look flamboyant which may actually result in looking like a sloppy dresser.  Consider bright colored tweed jackets tailored perfectly to your fit.

2. Say No to Matchy-Matchy Stuffs: Gone are the days when everything matchy-matchy was in trends. It’s okay to be a bit playful. As a two piece suit may make you look old, try pairing a red tweed jacket with black faux-leather skinny pants to look incredibly amazing. You can consider completing the look with suede pumps and look effortlessly chic and stylish.

3. Accessorize right: Add a bit of pop to your look with colorful accessories and pair it with your tweed jacket in style.

4. Don’t let your date night fade: Wear a tweed jacket with a sequined top and pair it with a skirt and black pumps or stilettos and paint the town red! 

5. Go for the unexpected: Invest in a good tailor or find them readymade but you can go for an unexpected silhouette in your tweed jacket.  You can go for sporty oversized biker jackets in tweed and pair them with a skirt or a denim.

style tweed fall

5. Go casual with tweed: Tweed doesn’t always mean formal, you can opt for distressed denims, a t-shirt and some sneakers and you are set for a laidback day out with the girls.
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Popular (not so young “winks”)  Tweed Wearing Personalities

Equally stylish and versatile, tweed fabric has the capacity and potential to adapt to different settings and situations. It’s no wonder that tweed jackets and suits appear regularly on the screens. So take a look at some of the popular characters, well over their 40’s who nailed wearing this multi-faceted material called Tweed. It’s clear by now that tweed fabric is an ultimate star.

  • David Bekham (44 years): 
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Both David and Victoria Bekham slayed the look in impeccable dapper tweed suits inspired by Peaky Blinders, tailored with finesse to match masculine and feminine vibes. This power couple’s love for tweed fabrics is undeniable, especially David’s as he was seen wearing tweed ensembles influenced by Blinders year around. Men can consider wearing a sharp tweed waistcoat to elevate their style game and women on the hand can pair a tweed suit with a ruffled pastel shirt with a slight Victorian touch to add more sophistication.

His wardrobe boasts of tailored to perfection tweed suits with wide-peak lapels and cuffed hems for the ultimate formal luxury emulating stat.

  • Leonardo Dicaprio (45 years):

Leonardo is one of those actors who have been known for his power dressing styles and also has a history of selecting well-dressed roles. He likes to switch unto warm and attractive three-piece tweed suits when in doubt. 

  • Brad Pitt (56 years):

Who doesn’t want to look like Brad Pitt? He’s one of the most influential personalities the world has ever known and also stands amongst one of the handsome man on earth. His tweed cap is an amalgamation of traditions and modern style. So you can also get inspired from his chic tweed cap and get one in your closet.

  • Hugh Laurie (60 years):
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Evoking an English country sport beautifully patterned and nicely paired with contrasting tweed jacket. Adding an essence of vintage feel to it with a wool cap. He is also an avid lover of tweeds and has a soft corner for all things made from tweeds.

  • Prince Charles (71 years): 

Prince Charles dapper style sense is not hidden from anyone. He loves tweed suits and the closeness and warmth it brings with itself. His wardrobe boasts of having an enormous range of tweed suits, some of which are kept from generations. Prince Charles has also been seen wearing the same tweed coat twice as he believes in sustainable fashion. He often wears classic attires. He believes in recycling and re-using clothes over buying new stuffs. He truly masters the art of sustainable textiles such as tweeds.

To purchase authentic Himalayan Tweed, made from 100% pure high altitude Himalayan sheep wool please click on

tweed jacket for women

Tweed Jackets for women

A woman’s guide to staying warm and stylish with tweed fabric

If you’re in doubt and don’t know how to wear a “tweed jacket for women” and style it with poise then we have got you covered. Here we are with our tweed super simple styling guide for all you lovely ladies.

What is tweed fabric?

Many of you must be wondering, what exactly is a tweed fabric?

Tweed is a coarsely woven woolen fabric with slightly rough texture. It is generally woven in plain, twill or herringbone structure. Also known as the ‘Champagne of Textiles’ tweeds are quite iconic and come from the valleys of Scotland. Most of the wool nowadays comes from Australia and is woven in England.

Properties of Tweed Fabric

Tweed fabric has a lot of usefulness and can be a perfect fabric to own for life. Tweed jacket for women have high heat retention qualities as well as its also water and wind-proof.  There are three main attributes of tweed fabric:

a) Weather Resistant

Wool is naturally water-repellent and therefore it can be worn out as outerwear to save you from the unpredictable and harsh weather conditions.

b) Camouflage

Tweed jacket for women has a unique quality and blends perfectly with its surroundings. It has a natural vibe and allure.

c) Courser Weaves

It is coarsely woven and quite thick which makes it more durable and high in insulation properties.

Tweed jackets for women are mainly desired as winter outerwear.

Tweed’s Versatility And Its Association As a  Men’s Fabric 

Tweed fabric is a timeless material hailing from the Scottish culture. As the days get colder, the search for a trustworthy woolen fabric begins and tweed is the one you need to own this winter. Tweed jacket for women are very versatile in nature and provide the highest protection from cold as well as harsh climatic conditions.

Tweed jacket for women also have the capability to blend seamlessly into your closet and its best suited for all your occasional and regular use. Tweed as a fabric is believed to be the manliest fabric in the world because of its rugged nature, often associated with men’s fashion and masculinity. But gone are the days when tweeds were only a statement clothing piece for men. 

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Tweed jacket for women not only look absolutely chic and stylish but also keep you warm and cozy and come in a variety of designs and patterns to suit your taste. 

Tweed jacket for women and Its Varieties 

Tweed is an evergreen traditional fabric that never fades away from fashion and keeps coming on upcoming trends. It’s one of the trends to follow this season too. Tweed suits and tweed jacket for women were showcased on multiple catwalks and fashion shows this year featuring bold, feminine and contemporary designs and silhouettes reflecting the modern era. Tweed jacket for women and suits have now emerged as a modern staple and every woman must have at least a pair of tweeds in her closet to make it more distinctive. 

Varieties of Tweed Attires

  • Tweed jackets
  • Blazers
  • Suit jackets and pants
  • Trench Coats
  • Dresses

Accessories from Tweed

  • Caps 
  • Handbags
  • Scarves and shawls


Style Guide to Tweed

Tweed is an absolute unique and one of a kind Tweed fabric. There’s no one right way to wear your tweed jacket for women or tweed suits. So here we are with our tips and tricks on how to wear a tweed with perfection and be a trendsetter. 

Casual Wear

For an ultimate casual look you can style tweed jacket for women as smart casual. Pair your thick tweed jacket over a casual tee or turtle-neck jumper and a pair of blue skinny jeans. Create a neutral color scheme for your dressing and let your tweed jacket for women do the talking.

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Formal Wear

Tweed is an extremely versatile fabric and the fun fact is that you can wear it in any way you want.

You can wear a prim and proper tailored tweed jacket for women to corporate meeting or formal occasion. There are a lot of varieties of tweed jackets for women available in the market which you can add to your closet. Tweed jacket for women are ideal for wearing to offices especially in winters when you can get a lot of opportunities to style it your own way.

You can pair your tweed jacket for women or tweed blazer with a crisp white formal shirt and tailored trousers or skirts to create a simple and sophisticated look.

Best Tweed fabric In The Market

Tweed fabric is one of the most luxurious and versatile fabric in the world. Traditionally, it was purely handcrafted from pure wool in the remote valleys of Scotland. But as the time went by tweed fabrics began to get associated with British aristocrats. Today, Harris Tweed is considered to be one of the most well-known and one of the best tweed fabrics in the world. This tweed fabric is also the first of its kind to be a protected brand and registered with a British Trademark. 

Another upcoming name in this market is Taash from the Indian Himalayas. The fact that it is completely hand-woven right from thread to fabric makes it even more exquisite than its counterparts. It is high quality, unhurried and one of a kind tweed fabric.   

Where to Buy Himalayan Tweed fabric 

Tweed has become one of the most popular and desirable fabric in world today as many of the wealthier families love to adorn this fabric with grace. Taash Tweed fabric exudes elegance and confidence and is also a sustainable fabric which consumes less energy resources. Taash or the Himalayan tweed is one of the most delicate and complicated fabrics in the world and is purely handcrafted from the finest of wools from the Himalayas.

Taash is native to Kinnaur and is bridging the gap between traditions and modern customers helping in sustaining the age old handloom traditions. And it’s a perfect fabric for all the fashion connoisseurs & eco-conscious people as every penny you invest on this fabric not only helps create new opportunities for the artisans but also boosts the demand of homegrown handcrafted products.You can find authentic tweed fabric for the trendiest tweed jacket for women online at

tweed jacket

How to dress like the Royals without spending a fortune

Flaunt your tweeds like the Royals do

It feels impossible to flaunt your tweeds like the royal without spending a fortune isn’t it? But what if we say it’s absolutely possible.

Want to peep into the royal closet? Or want to know the secret to a gentlemen’s outfit? 

Well! No power dressing is ever complete without tweed. It’s the ultimate fabric that needs to be in your wardrobe all the time. And believe it or not, the Royals are undoubtedly obsessed with striking tweed jackets. The Royals have always been involved and interested in sports, especially The Duke of Windsor and The Duke of Edinburgh have been seen a number of times donning eye-catching tweed jackets. Thus, it makes Harris Tweed the classic choice of all times.

Tweed Styling Tips and Tricks from the Royal Highnesses

Talking about the classic British style, the royal gentlemen are renowned all over the globe for their spectacular and sartorial dressing styles. The royals can almost always be spotted wearing crisp, stylish tweeds at various events ranging from royal dinners to sporting events with ultimate elegance. Each prince has his own sense of style which makes each one of their dressing styles a bit distinctive.

Topping the charts of the best dressed men of all times are Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh; Prince Charles; Prince William, Duke of Cambridge; and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. All these royal men have showcased the best of men’s fashion, the best of British royal styling traditions affirming the status of tweed as the finest of all in the world. So by all means one can say that the British royals love their tweeds.

Check out this guide to get your hands on the royal styling look.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Are you big on binge-watching? Then you must have watched the season 3 of ‘The Crown’ when it aired on Netflix in November. It perfectly recreated Prince Philip’s service and showcased his classic dressing style. This was a pure reminder of how tweeds played an important role in British menswear back then. His dressing style is so enduring and prevails like a legacy which also won him the tag of 12th best dressed man in Britain by GQ magazine in 2016.

He is a firm supporter of bespoke tailored coats in classic cuts. He believes in holding onto the decency of suits that have managed to stand the test of time like the ones made from tweed fabrics. His aces the look in his age-defying tweed suits and a cap which makes him look so much more elegant and elevates his royal style a level above. 

The British Tweed Sport Jacket

Prince Philip always admired the beauty of tweeds for personal leisure events. Timeless tweed jackets finely crafted with sporty silhouettes suit him better and are likely the ones which stood the test of time and got better and better with age.

Tweed Cap

Tweed caps are ideal for driving or roaming around the countryside. The tweed caps made in the UK are quite practical and good looking ones which can be passed down to generations. Tweed caps are also one of the favorites of the Duke of Edinburgh. 

Irish Donegal Herringbone Coat

Prince Charles admirably combines style with sustainability. He believes in repeating clothes over just wearing it for once and throwing it out. Some of his coats have remained in his wardrobe for over 30 years. Talking about the tweeds, they have remained as a clothing staple. Made from 100% Donegal wool this coat is a perfect piece for a little investment. Being traditional and practically flamboyant at the same time this piece of cloth makes for a perfect piece to invest on. 

Tweed Field Coat Made in Britain

This British made tweed field coat is made with Teflon-coated Scottish tweed, making it more practical and thoughtful than ever before. This quintessential tweed coat is one of Prince Charles’s favorites for trespassing from the fields or on the moor.

How to Recreate the Look

British tailoring is considered to be best in class and has never faltered. So without wasting much time take a sneak-peek at these tips on how you can recreate the royal look without wrecking your bank.

Tweed Drop Hem Dress

Recreating a glamorous retro look was never this easy. Redefine your style with the drop waist tweed dress and flaunt it like the royals do. This dress features a ruffled hem with a shift silhouette reflecting a comfy finish. You can style this tweed dress with a pair of flats or ankle boots to create a statement. 

Re-creating Vintage Men’s Wear

As they say, Englishmen love their suits.Few of the shows on Netflix have already had great impact on British men’s styles over the last decade. A typical 20s inspired look was re-created from heavy tweed fabrics, sturdy boots to baker boy caps. And this kind of typical vintage English dressing style has successfully grabbed many eyeballs this time. It also became inspiration to many like Gucci’s Alessandro Michele.

Following the Peaky Blinders dressing style is far more achievable than any other latest fashion icons since the dressing style of the Shelby family is much more appropriate for the modern man. 

Are you a Peaky Blinders fan? Then we have got you covered. Here are few of the apparels that you can easily pull off in your daily life.

The Blinders Tweed Suit:

Tommy and Arthur Shelby has given us all some major dressing goals that are worth replicating. You can consider the vintage tweed suits, the checked suits or the three-piece suits with slim lapels for instance, flamboyantly paired with fitted trousers to recreate the elegance of vintage dressing.

You can also wear a Blinders tweed suit to a vintage wedding if you’re craving for that rustic look. And with this traditional cut tweed suit you can never go wrong because it’s rich in aesthetics as well as practicality.

The Peaky Shirt with Club Collars:

White detachable collars featured with white shirts are worth imitating. This simple and sophisticated outfit never fails to impress anyone. Especially, the shirts with penny collars also known as club collars are quite admirable and have somehow managed to grab everyone’s eyeballs these days. Each one of the shirt is perfectly tailored to fit and looks amazing when adorned in classic style.

So you can easily recreate this classic retro look and look like a true gentleman. You can consider wearing one of these styles and recreate the look for your upcoming wedding or even for a Halloween themed party. Or you can be a trendsetter and influence people around you with your charming tweed suits on the go.

The Vintage Tweed Waistcoat:

If you are not a fan of heavy suits or coats, you can consider wearing just a tweed waistcoat over your club collar shirt. And for a more prim and proper look don’t forget carry the waistcoat chain with utmost poise.

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Where to buy the most stylish and rare designs

Consumers have now fallen in love with the practicality and aesthetic beauty of tweeds. They are amazed by the essence and versatility of the tweed fabrics. Both men and women are on the hunt to find the best tweed jackets and suits for them. Tweed jackets and suits are one of a kind and have remained one of the most sophisticated clothing pieces for over decades. Tweed is a fashion statement on its own which needs no further explanations. 

Tweed fabrics have many versatile aspects and one of them being its unisex nature which allows both men and women to enjoy this fabric without being judged. 

Why should men have all the fun? Having said that, women can also rock the tweed look supremely. One can pair the tweed jackets with chinos, or a tweed blazer with jeans maybe. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to wearing tweed. So you can wear tweed as per your wish and can flaunt it the way you want.

Over the decades, tweed fabrics have evolved. Not only they look more classy but are also quite lightweight. One can also find a plethora of unique patterns on tweed nowadays. 

With time, the weaving styles have also changed which has led to the production of much finer tweed fabrics. Though they are usually dyed in earthy tones but you can also get your hands on brightly colored ones.

Another great reason to buy tweed fabrics is that you can wear it on any occasion and in any season. Be it summer or winter you can pull off the classic look at any event without a second thought.

The tweed jackets by far are the most elegant and stylish clothing pieces today and the desire to own this rare and unique fabric remains growing. 

You can shop the best modern and stylish tweed jackets from a Zurich based clothing brand Hockerty or you can also consider buying best in class tweeds from a UK based company Kinnaur Handcrafted which offers the classic tweed styles at affordable ranges.

And the good news is you don’t need to spend a penny and go all the way to UK to buy the classic tweeds. You can order them online right here without a further ado and get them delivered right at your place. 

Click here:


Tweed Blazer for men

Best Tweed Blazer for Men and Where to Buy Tweed Blazer

Tweed – A Heritage Fabric: Known as “the Champagne of fabrics”, made in the remote places of the world, “best tweed blazer for men” have been worn by generations of Scottish families and estates for hundreds of years. Each and every tweed blazer for men is unique and has stories woven within which tells a story of people, places, and traditions. This fabric continues to strive which adds to the iconic legacy of the fabric, restoring ancient designs with new patterns.

Inspired By the Hills

Tweed’s place of birth is one of the essential aspects, it hails from the land of hills. Tweed blazer for men itself is so unique that it tends to blend with its surroundings. In the making of tweed yarns, up to 8 different colors of fibers are twisted together in the spinning process which retains its organic appeal because nothing in nature is made up of a single hue or tone.

Genuine Craftsmanship and Unique Designs

The tweed blazer for men has endless possibilities. Today consumer is the key therefore, the designs are created not only from the weaver’s side but many designers are involved in creating tweed blazer for men and bringing it to life. The legacy of designs and knowledge of weaving is passed down to newer generations in order to preserve the craft and its authenticity. Centuries later, the weavers are still stuck with the commonly used designs and patterns which becomes a problem when a newer design is to be introduced.

Weaving the Bespoke 

Weaving a bespoke tweed blazer for men requires a lot of labor and hard work than you might think. Besides the color and patterns, the weight and quality also differ based on the purpose it is to be used for. For instance, heavyweight tweeds can be suited for outdoor purposes as it’s hard-hitting and semi-waterproof in nature whereas, lightweight tweeds can be a decent choice for making modern clothes.

Zenith of Performance

With the tweed blazer for men, you can never go wrong and always be ready to overcome any climatic conditions. This high-performance tweed blazer for men is made to the utmost level of protection from the unknown and unpredictable weather conditions without sacrificing the luxury of owning a purely handcrafted material of superior quality. Tweed blazer for men nowadays that you get in stores is an example of innovation blended with contemporary styles to create jackets that never fail to impress and defeat the elements. You probably won’t find a better blazer than tweed blazer for men anywhere across the globe. Owning a piece of tweed itself makes you feel like a million bucks. No winds or slopes can stop you as a tweed blazer for men is also water-proof and windproof.

The Women of Tomorrow

Tweed jacket can add chic and flair to your look with a formal twist. Wearing a tweed jacket or tweed blazer for men or women can grab all the eyeballs and instantly change everything.  What makes a tweed jacket more alluring? It’s the elegance of the bygone era and the modern contemporary world. Tweed blazer for men and women exude enigma, sophistication, and style which needs no introduction. Harris Tweed jackets speak more to a women’s style than to any other look. If worn-well it can change your overall look and will reflect your aura. You can add small pieces like a scarf, hat, gladiators to personalize your look a bit more and add your charm to it. But you can also carry the simple look which speaks volumes about yourself. 

Make your own way and shift perceptions of dressing tweed blazer for men and women in style around the globe from male-dominated to unisex to fabulously feminine. The future belongs to women who are ready to fight for it, it’s the era of empowered women who have the power to break the glass ceilings and change the orthodox way of dressing. With a good shirt comes a good jacket, and these stylish tweeds are must-haves in your closet which provides a perfect shrunken fit that evokes a worldly perspective.

You can proudly own these smart pieces and make your wardrobe stand out.

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H:\kinnaur hand crafed\model photo\final pics\Nishant Aneja 152.jpg

What to look for and how to choose the perfect tweed blazer?

Tweed blazer for men can be a good choice for everyone. Tweeds are an amazing piece of fabric and look absolutely chic and classy. a tweed blazer for men can blend seamlessly with any environment and can be worn on any occasion. It can really be a tedious job to find the one exact tweed blazer for men that matches your styles. But here we are with few tips and tricks to find your perfect match:

Check the material

It is a crucial part of purchasing a particular piece of garment. Always consider the breathability and stretch before making the final purchase for a tweed blazer for men. Nowadays, a tweed blazer for men is meant to serve you as fashionable attire rather than just functional. Old days are long gone and now a tweed blazer for men adds a touch of class and confidence to your overall personality. So select the right material that can make you stand out in the crowd rather than ruining your whole look and experience.

Quality Matters

The Harris Tweed fabric defines the quality of tweed jackets. Quality plays a vital role in determining what exactly you’re looking for. Tweed blazers for men don’t tend to lose their shine and shape after washing which is an added bonus. Don’t blindly shop for tweed blazer for men without checking the quality of fabrics as that may not be worth your money and you’ll end up ripping off your wallet. So always pay attention to the fabric quality followed by the design and detailing for your tweed blazers for men and women.

Want Cozy Jacket?

H:\kinnaur hand crafed\model photo\Rishi Garg Kinnaur\Nishant Aneja 006.JPG

Tweed blazers for men are made by combining various types of fibers. Wool, acrylic or even polyester is generously mixed together to create light-weight tweeds to suit pockets of every budget. How to find the best and possibly the coziest tweed blazer for men? The answer is here; find a tweed blazer for men that doesn’t stick to your body or make you feel uncomfortable even during the summers. Because the best of tweed jacket keep the coziness alive regardless of any season. 

Design Speaks

Tweed blazer for men can come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Select the one in which you feel the most confident. Tweed blazer for men has an amazing trait that you can wear them for any occasion without a second thought. If you love wearing dresses then buy tweed blazers for men or tweed jacket you can put over your dress and add a layer with flair. Tweed blazer for men can be fun if you choose the right material. Always look for the water-resistant one in order to enjoy, regardless of the weather conditions. Also, look into the practical aspects so that you not only look stylish but also make a smart choice. 

Handmade Fabric

Owing to high demand and as a result of commercialization, most tweed blazer for men these days are made on machines. Even brands like Harris Tweed, the pioneer of tweed now create their fabrics on power looms. Very few brands manage to bring out the authenticity in tweed by being handmade right from the thread to fabric. One such brand which is 100% handmade, is from the lap of the Indian Himalayas, Taash. Their yarn is woven on wooden spindles and fabric constructed on wooden handlooms giving authentic fabric for tweed blazers for men. 

E:\desktop and work\Astha\TWEED_KINNAUR HANDCRAFTED\BLOGS\blog cover designs\how to style tweed.png


Are you one of those who lurk around the closet in search of what to wear it with? Let us be your savior. 

There are a lot of things to consider when you think of pairing your outfits;

  • For what occasion you will be wearing it: Will you be wearing your tweed blazer for men for formal occasions or just for a casual get-together? You can plan your look beforehand if you keep this in mind, it’s really helpful!
  • What colors to go for: Generally you can pair shirts of black, brown, white and grey colors with your tweed blazer for men. And with the neutrals, you can never go wrong.
  • How regular you want to wear it: Consider having a line of shirts ready if you want to wear a tweed blazer for men on a regular basis. And if you are just wearing it for occasional purpose, a pair of crisp white or beige shirt with chintz prints or faint stripes would be perfect. Style tweed blazer for men with brown/tan boots or loafers to create a statement.

 Current tweed brands in the market

There are several brands national and internationally from where you can shop the highest quality tweed blazer for men and tweed jacket:

  • The Edinburgh Woolen Mill, UK
  • Hawes and Curtis, UK
  • Leger & Oaks, UK
  • Kinnaur Handcrafted, Taash India

There are several online sites you can consider if you want to shop for tweed blazer for men and women:


Brands That Are into Commercial production

Not all tweed fabrics are purely handcrafted now. It’s the result of industrialization that today most of the yarns are spun in the mills which earlier used to be genuinely handspun. 

There are few more companies that are into the mass production of tweeds, For instance, Lish, Harris Tweed and Brooks Brothers are one of the renowned brands that produce a large number of tweeds ranging from medium weight tweeds for furnishings, to feather-light tweeds for jackets and tweed blazer for men and women to superfine tweeds for dresses and shawls.

5) Tweed Fabric – One of a kind Fabric

Tweed is the only fabric produced in commercial quantities by truly traditional methods anywhere in the world.

Its exclusivity remains unmatched even today. It’s vibrant, practical and also quite hip and happening.  What makes it more special is the way it’s made; it’s woven in the sheds of the locals. It takes hours of time and labor to weave a piece of tweed for tweed blazers for men and women which makes it an unhurried fabric. It is one of a kind and is a marvel of textiles that exists to date. It’s not only the brand that fascinates tweed buyers but it’s the story of heritage woven in every piece that makes it more desirable amongst the fashion connoisseurs.  

Taash – The Himalayan Tweed

Known as the Himalayan tweed, Taash is one of a kind luxury fabric. Derived purely from the finest of sheep coats and handcrafted with love and labor. This fabric hails from the green meadows down the hills of Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh. To date, everything starting from the shearing of wool to manufacturing the final fabric is done manually by hand which makes it sustainable and consumes less energy. It’s not just a fabric but a piece of heritage that holds a lot of mysteries within. It has a strong sense of aesthetics and heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation; every piece that’s woven in a wooden loom inside their homes with thousand interlaced yarns holds an infinite number of untold stories of the weavers and their family and traditions.

Every “Taash” product holds a certified Craftmark to maintain the authenticity of the products including your tweed blazer for men. Every single item produced with Taash is environmentally-friendly and dyed using natural dyes/colors obtained from the flora or regional plants that grow abundantly in the hills. This fabric has a strong potential and can easily be the ‘Champagne of textiles’. Not only is it water-resistant but it’s highly durable and you can flaunt it with flair regardless of any season. It is perfect for winters as well as for summers for tweed blazers for men and women and dresses and even upholstery.

Taash is also a fabric that is filling the gap between the age-old traditions and the modern contemporary world acting as a bridge merging the two different sides of the world; the artisans and the customers.

Himalayan tweeds have a worldwide reach and have been worn as tweed blazers for men and women and dresses and wraps by famous film stars on the red carpet. You can also find it anywhere across the globe.

If you’re a fashion connoisseur and love to own everything handcrafted, then Taash is definitely a perfect match for you and worth considering. You can get your hands on the authentic Taash fabrics and products only at Harris Tweed shop.

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Best Tweed Fabric in the World

Best Tweed Fabric in the World

Where to buy tweed fabric

Harris Tweed from the Isle of Harris, Scotland

Harris Tweed: Scotland’s pride

Harris Tweed is produced in Scotland and is made from pure Virgin wool. It’s spun, dyed and finished in the Outer Hebrides and hand-woven by the local Islanders in their own houses. 

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The Orb Trademark: The mark of authenticity and protection from imitation

The Orb Trademark is stamped onto every cloth at the end or at the time of finishing and can be seen on traditional woven textiles. Only products made out of pure Virgin wool from the Outer Hebrides were eligible to get stamped as Harris Tweed trademark. This law came into existence in 1993 as the Harris Tweed Act of Parliament. Though owing to larger quantity requirements, wool from the United Kingdom is now eligible for making the cut as Harris Tweed.  

Harris Tweed a century-old brand 

It’s one of the most famous tweed brands in the world. Its Surface doesn’t give a smooth hand feel. It was woven by the artisans in the Outer Hebrides in the 18th century and was then introduced to the British aristocracy in the 1840s from where it came into limelight.

Harris Tweed today and its rising demand

Today, times have changed. Earlier the yarn used to be purely handspun but with the invention of Hattersley mark, 1 loom hand spinning came to an end. The weavers felt it was easy to operate and were able to produce more quantities of textiles than ever before.

The wool coming from the Outer Hebrides was falling short of requirement due to the rising demands of the Harris Tweed. Hence, pure virgin wool from the United Kingdom is now eligible for making the cut as Harris Tweed fabric.

Various patterns and designs have developed over the years but still one can witness the beauty of this fabric which involves a fusion of subtle designs with complex natural shades which enhances the total aesthetic appeal.

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Variety of Tweeds 

Tweed is available in a vast variety of patterns and there are a handful of weavers who work consistently to sustain the age-old heritage textile.

Plain Twill: This is referred to as a simple weave with a diagonal pattern running throughout.

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Plain twill weave

Overcheck Twill: This is referred to as a design with large checks laid over the other in contrasting colors.

Image result for over check twill fabric

Overcheck twill

Plain Herringbone: The name herringbone is derived from the name of the fish herring. The patterns made in herringbone designs resemble a lot like the zig-zag bones of the fish. 

Thus giving a broken twill feel to the fabric. 

Image result for plain herringbone fabric

Herringbone twill

Overcheck Herringbone (Estate Tweed): This pattern can be referred to as a more advanced version of the plain herringbone pattern. In this weave, large check designs are woven in contrasting colors over the herringbone pattern. It is also known as ‘Estate Tweed.’

Image result for estate tweed fabric

Estate Tweed

Barleycorn: Barleycorn tweeds are referred to as the tweeds which have a coarser hand feel. These weaves look a lot like the barley kernels from where the name has been derived.

Barleycorn Tweed

Striped: This can be referred to as a type of pattern which involves vertical stripes of different size and colors.

Image result for striped tweed

Striped Tweed

From Shearing to Stamping

The process of Making Harris Tweed

Shearing & Woolgather: Shearing and wool-gathering is the first step of making Harris Tweed. It is made up of pure virgin Wool which is blended together in order to gain the exact quality and trait of a Harris Tweed. In the summers, the wool is mainly grown on the Scottish highlands. The Islanders come together in order to shear the sheep.

Washing & Dyeing: Second in the process comes washing and dyeing. Different types of dyed wools are blended together to get a variety of shades and hues.  Harris Tweed is eco-friendly and has non-allergic and biodegradable components.

Blending & Carding: The colored and white wools are weighed in predetermined proportions and then thoroughly blended to exact recipes to obtain the perfect hue. The perfectly blended wool is then passed through the toothed rollers which help in removing the fragile yarns from the rest.

Spinning: Next comes the spinning. Here the spun yarn is imparted with twists to give it a maximum level of strength. After this, the yarns are winded onto the bobbins or cones.

Warping: Warping is the most important and is really a tedious job. It requires skilled labor. A large number of threads are winded across the beam in a certain order to be used as warp upon weaving.

Weaving: Weaving is referred to as the interlinking of warp and weft yarns. Firstly, the yarns are set on the loom and then the weaver weaves the whole fabric according to the requirement. The weavers also keep an eye on the process so that they can remove or attach the broken yarns at any point in time until the whole fabric is woven.

Finishing:  After the cloth gets stitched, it is sent to the finishing department to give a crisp and clean final touch. Here, the impurities like dust or any kind of stain is removed from the cloth by washing in soap water. Then it is finally dried and steam pressed to perfection. It helps in increasing the overall aesthetic appeal of the garment.

Stamping: Stamping is the final process of examination of the renowned Harris Tweed. In this process, the ‘Orb Trademark’ is stamped on the backside of the fabric. It is the ultimate seal of approval and authenticity without which a fabric cannot be sold under the tag of Harris Tweed.



A rare tweed fabric prepared by the weavers of the Indian Himalayas 

“100% Handmade”  

Location: Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh

Taash is a beautiful Indian Himalayan Tweed woven by the weavers of Kinnaur, especially for Kinnaur Handcrafted. Taash or “pattu” as it is locally known is a short width coarse fabric made of sheep wool. The fabric is woven manually on wooden handmade shuttles. Generally, the width of the woven fabric comes around 90cm.

TAASH  is generally used for making closed capes, overcoats, ladies’ suits, blazers, pants and menswear, and jackets.

 Taash- Weaving Fabric and History 

Kinnaur has been the land of weavers for almost 5000 years. The woolen cloth was the first requirement in the cold climate. Thus Kinnauri men and women spun woolen yarn on “taklis” or hand-spindles, weaving it into the fabric.

Kinnauri women wear traditional wrap dresses known as “pattu” worn as an over-garment. It is essentially heavier and thicker than a traditional shawl and pinned on both shoulders with the help of traditional brooches. There is a tradition amongst the locals where the man’s coat is made from the pure wool that comes from shearing the first lamb.

The key ideal of TAASH is to interlace heritage with style. We intend to bring to the forefront this genius fabric which has withstood the test of time in the most extreme weather conditions. To build a bridge between traditional techniques and timeless design. 

Taash – Rare. Unique. Noncommercial 

Because of its limited quantities owing to 100% hand weaving

Taash is one of the lesser-known and the most unique hand-woven textiles in the world. It’s one of the finest products of its kind and takes hours of skilled labor.

What makes it special is that it’s making involves no machines and is done purely on handlooms  

It’s made in the traditional way and thus it retains a unique ruggedness in its texture.

This tweed fabric is not just fabric but an heirloom that can be passed onto generations. 

It is woven in limited quantities and owned by those few who understand the value of craftsmanship.

Weaving the exclusive

At the TAASH units, nestled in valleys surrounded by high and mighty mountain peaks and passes – hand-spindles rotate softly creating fine thread from high-altitude sheep wool. The clickity-clack of the human-powered looms lends distinct music to the air, as the fabric gets constructed.

It takes our deft artisans, hours to make that fine thread with hand and rolling on spindles, mixing of colors manually. This process imbues each piece with its own personal character – as tension and force vary from spinner to spinner and weaver to weaver.

For those who appreciate the craftsmanship and the exclusivity of handmade, TAASH can be a valuable possession, incomparable to any of the luxury brands.

TAASH- Variety of Tweeds

Taash is available in a variety of patterns and new patterns, weaves and color palettes are added every season. The weavers of Kinnaur Handcrafted work consistently to maintain the quality of the tweed.

E:\desktop and work\Astha\TWEED_KINNAUR HANDCRAFTED\amrita photos\box photos\brown\DH4_9728a.jpg

Earthy Brown

Tweed woven earthy browns and rust with a hint of blue

E:\desktop and work\Astha\TWEED_KINNAUR HANDCRAFTED\amrita photos\box photos\grey\DH4_9752a.jpg

Rocky Grey

Classic herringbone rocky grey and white tweed with slubs in the shades of blues and browns

E:\desktop and work\Astha\TWEED_KINNAUR HANDCRAFTED\amrita photos\box photos\whine colors\DH4_9723.jpg

Wine Herringbone

Classic herringbone wine and black tweed 

E:\desktop and work\Astha\TWEED_KINNAUR HANDCRAFTED\amrita photos\box photos\blue\4.JPG

Arabian Sea

Tweed woven in the shades of blue, inspired by the color of the sea

TAASH-  From Sheep to Shop

The process of making Taash


In the Himalayas, the sheep are sheared twice a year. One is the winter clip, sheared after the sheep return after months in the higher pastures, rich in minerals and other nutrients, and the other in the summer clip. It is the rich winter clip that is used for preparing Taash.

Grading and sorting

Grading is the breaking up of the fleece based on overall quality. In sorting, the wool is broken up into sections of different quality fibers from different parts of the body. The best quality of wool comes from the shoulders, sides, and underbelly of the sheep and is used for clothing; the lesser or coarser quality comes from the lower legs and is used to make rugs. 

Cleaning and scouring

Wool taken directly from the sheep is called “raw” or “grease wool.” It contains sand, dirt, grease, and dried sweat. The weight of contaminants accounts for about 30 to 70 percent of the fleece’s total weight. To remove these contaminants, the wool is scoured in a series of baths.


Next, the fibers are passed through a series of metal teeth that straighten and blend them into slivers. Carding also removes residual dirt and other matter left in the fibers. Carded wool intended for worsted yarn is put through gilling and combing, two procedures that remove short fibers and place the longer fibers parallel to each other. 


Thread is formed by spinning the fibers together to form one strand of yarn; the strand is spun with two, three, or four other strands. Since the fibers cling and stick to one another, it is fairly easy to join, extend, and spin wool into yarn. After the yarn is spun, it is wrapped around bobbins, cones, or commercial drums. 


Weaving refers to the interlinking of warp and weft yarns. Weaving is done on Traditional handmade wooden “Khaddi” or loom. The artisan spread the yarn or thread on the ground, passing it through round pegs fixed at certain distances, equal in length to the article to be manufactured. Most products were woven in a 2/2 twill, while patterned areas were woven using the tapestry technique


After weaving, both worsteds and woolens undergo a series of finishing procedures including fulling (immersing the fabric in water to make the fibers interlock); crabbing (permanently setting the interlock) and calendaring (to smoothen and iron the surface of the fabric).

History of the Himalayan Tweed: TAASH

It is said that weaving has been practiced in Kinnaur for more than 5000 years. It came from Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, via the trade route.  

The strategic location of Kinnauri artisans along this route, caused their weaving to be greatly influenced by the ancient trade and traffic along with it. The weaving traditions, thus have an intertwined history.

Difference between Harris Tweed and TAASH 

 Harris Tweed

  • Harris tweed manufactures in commercial quantities and more than around 1.7 million meters of cloth is manufactured in a year with the quantities increasing each year. 
  • It’s made with help of semi-automatic mark 1 – paddle loom 
  • Thread used in Harris Tweed is made in factories and provided to weavers.
  • Modern methods have evolved with time – technique is improvised, time of weaving is reduced 
  • Top-notch designers have remained loyal to the fabric and helped in sustaining its value.

Himalayan Tweed- TAASH 

  • Purely handmade – not manufactured in commercial quantities – only limited quantity is produced by weavers – normally remains overbooked 
  • The loom used in weaving is wooden traditional loom to retain the unique raw texture. Each weave in TAASH is a manual process with a shuttle moving from one direction to another by hand.
  • Thread used in TAASH is purely handmade; carefully crafted and rolled on wooden spindles; Different colors of wool are mixed manually by hand.
  • It is an heirloom, available in very limited quantities and worn by a selected handful of people. Authentic products are available online on 
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H:\kinnaur hand crafed\Website\Essance\photos with text\para graph 3\mehar chand.jpg

The Beauty of Taash

It is not just a fabric – it’s a piece of art crafted by the weavers.

HANDMADE is the quintessential fashion statement.