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How to excel the Peaky Blinders Look

Revive the classical styles!

Dressing like the Peaky Blinders has never been this easy. 

Starting from tweed suits to checkered patterns, to baker boy caps and penny collars. We’re here to give you an accurate style guide and a little sneak peek to Peaky Blinders wardrobe and how you can wear these styles without pushing yourself too hard.

If the Peaky Blinders style speaks to you then be prepared to grab everyone’s eyeballs the next time you attend a theme party or a wedding. 

Tweed Fabric

The 1920s classical style is back on-trend these days as the Netflix series, ‘The Peaky Blinders’ has taken over the minds of the Millenials and has got an overwhelming fanbase. The series revolves around a gangster family, dating back to the time of first world war. The storyline is centred around their thrills and ambitions but apart from all these what stole the viewer’s mind and stood out is, the outfits of the characters. 

So, we feel it’s high time to add a personal touch and revive the long-lost Era of the British traditional classic styles. 

Especially. When you think of twenties-inspired outfits, you think of tweed suits, cropped trousers, baker-boy tweed caps all made from heavy tweed fabric. And you can witness the same in Tommy Shelby’s dressing look. He’s been portrayed as a witty ganglord, and his style sense and outfits received immense popularity and overwhelming response from the viewers. Even many high-street fashion brands have also created collections keeping in mind the epic dressing styles from Peaky Blinders.

Tweed Fabric

We all know, Englishmen have a fetish for their suits and the same has been seen in the series “Peaky Blinders.” Many seasons have passed, yet their all-time favourite tweed suits have never faltered. Specific details were added to everything starting from cufflinks to tie-pins to tweed suits and their texture. 

But you can add the same glamour to your dressing style with a twist without much hassle. 

So without further ado, let’s look into the key elements that can help you create your Peaky Blinders look:


Tweed jacket is the first and the main element of a Peaky look. If you want to achieve the Tommy Shelby style, a tweed jacket as outerwear can provide you with the exact look. Try to get your hands on long tweed jackets or coats to create the vibe. Also, getting the right fit and texture is very crucial as it can work wonders for your look. 

Tweed Fabric

Tweed jackets are truly a piece of clothing worth the investment. They last for years, standing the test of time. Tweed jackets are truly timeless pieces and can amp up your style game the moment you adorn it. You can team-up your tweed jacket with other accessories to achieve the Peaky Blinders look. Go for herringbone tweed jackets and classical-style patterns and silhouettes to get the desired look. You can also opt for dark tones like charcoal grey, olive green and black to enhance the overall look.


To excel the Peaky Blinders look, all you need is a nicely tailored three-piece tweed suit. You can pair them up with cropped or narrow trousers. 

If you have a high budget and want to own something that falls a bit on the pricier side, consider buying bespoke tweed suits. But keep in mind your fit and buy accordingly. Go for textured patterns or checks in hues of dusty blue, brown or grey. Also, don’t opt for lighter fabrics because it will fail to give you the desired look. So, always go for the vintage-style tweed suits to ace the Peaky Blinders look.

Tweed Fabric

You may also consider wearing a waistcoat but some may feel it looks too constricted. So keeping in mind the risks, you can opt for the waistcoats.


One of the most recognizable elements of the Peaky Blinders style is the penny-collared shirt. The shirt features a round edge and usually acts as a middle-thing between the granddad and traditional-collared shirt. You can consider investing in one if you want to elevate your style and achieve the look like a proper mug-shot gangster from the series ‘’Peaky Blinders.” 

You can also add a bit of mischievousness to your outfit by keeping a few buttons undone.

Tweed Fabric
Tweed Fabric


The baker-boy tweed cap is way more light in weight and one can carry it easily with a swag. No other cap can provide you with the authentic look other than the baker-boy caps.

These caps not only would add an authentic appeal but will also add a new dimension to your whole look.

Tweed Fabric
Tweed Fabric

Go get ready and blow everyone’s mind with your Peaky Blinders look.

Buy such tweed fabric at Harris Tweed Shop.

Tweed Jackets for men

Top Reasons to Buy Tweed Jackets for Men

Haven’t invested in tweed jackets yet? Well! It’s high time to get yourself one.

Tweed fabrics have been a fashion staple since years especially, in the UK because of its versatility. No other fabric in the world offers such luxury infused with practicality. 

Through the years, tweed jackets have managed to stay consistently in fashion and have been immensely popular in recent times. From the countryside to the catwalks tweed jackets own the fashion industry and its growth has also skyrocketed since past few years. 

Thinking of acquainting tweeds to your closet? 

If you’re on your way to shop a tweed jacket for the very first time, take it slowly. Start your tweed journey with a smart-casual look and style your tweed jacket with a pair of suede loafers and chinos or jeans.

tweed jackets

Tweed jackets also offer a plethora of possibilities and it can be worn well on any occasion and can be pulled off as formal or smart-casual, regardless of the season. And that’s why tweed jackets are gaining immense popularity and emerging as one of the highly demanded clothing items amongst men.

If you’re still not convinced, let us give you some of the top reasons to buy a tweed jacket.

tweed jackets

Benefits of owning a Tweed Jacket

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This saying stands true when it comes to tweed jackets. Don’t go with the stereotypical comments linked with the tweed jackets rather be a trendsetter and open the world of new dressing possibilities. Apart from being highly durable and practical, tweed jackets retain premium raw texture and reflect luxury making you feel like million bucks.

Tweed jackets are also high on insulation and make a perfect choice for winters.

But you can also get your hands on medium to lightweight tweed jackets to beat the heat this summers.

Tweed jackets are timeless pieces of clothing, which we think of why it should be owned by all men.

Not only that, if you’re a fashion connoisseur who’s looking for a sustainable piece of clothing, then look no further! Tweed jackets offer you ample of opportunities and you can style them in so many ways, as and when you want. Starting from formal occasions to casual gatherings, one can wear tweed jackets everywhere.

No matter whether you’re a minimalist or someone who likes to flaunt his bright side. We have got you all covered!

Tweed jackets come in a wide array of colours and patterns ranging from bright hues to subtle and muted earthy tones, which is a bonus for all the men. 

Tweed Jackets to Keep You Heated

tweed jackets

Made from the finest of Himalayan wool, tweed jackets from Kinnaur Handcrafted provide you with all the warmth and cosiness you require on wintry days. Apart from being high on insulation, these tweed jackets can make you feel less bulky and enhance your overall appearance. 

Amp Up Your Style Game With Tweed Jackets

Tweed jackets are high in fashion and give one so much room to experiment with styles. Tweed jackets also look immensely fashionable and can elevate your style game in no minutes.

tweed jackets

The ever-hungry fashion industry is working more on improving the looks and texture of the tweed jackets making it more appealing than ever before because of its rising demands.  So if you want to keep up with the latest trends, then we suggest you shouldn’t miss out on this. Buy yourself a nicely tailored tweed jacket today.  

Ace The Jockey Look

Ever thought of acing the jockey look? Don’t get jittery! We have got you covered.

tweed jackets
tweed jackets

Style your tweed jacket with a pair of high boots and you’re all good to go. You can also consider wearing a hat or sunglasses to master the equestrian look. If you wish, you can add more accessories to your outfits like chains and belts to create a statement.

Walk The Aisle With Grace In A Tweed Jacket

Who doesn’t want to look impressive at a wedding? It’s not only the women but men too. Everyone wants to look their best when it comes to a wedding ceremony. 

Tweed jackets are emerging as one of the preferred choices for British weddings.

Tweed jackets are no less than a dream woven with luxury. It is a perfect go-to-wedding clothing item that should be in every gentleman’s wardrobe. 

Re-think again, if you feel that tweed jackets make you appear geeky or nerdy. Tweed is the fabric of choice for most of the elite class people and the fun fact is, you can wear them anywhere from a wedding ceremony to casual gatherings. The versatility and enigma of a tweed jacket can brighten your day up. Tweed jackets give you that extra edge and you can flaunt the ones you own in style, in a racecourse, or wear them to a baseball match ground or a wedding. You can find an exquisite range of contemporary designs and patterns fused with comfy textures, giving you a feather-light feel. 

So get rid of all the misconceptions and flaunt your tweed jackets regardless of the weather conditions and be the talk of the town. Tweed jackets are known for their luxury appearance and if you are envious of the British style and want to dress like a genuine Englishman, then consider grabbing a tweed jacket.

Also, you can wear your tweed jackets to the churches without any hesitation. Be it a wedding ceremony or a marriage registry office, you can wear your tweeds anywhere regardless of the events, occasions or weather. Thus, be rest assured that no place restricts wearing tweed jackets and you can flaunt them with swag, anywhere without a doubt. 

tweed jackets
tweed jackets for men

A piece of good news for all the ‘’Peaky Blinders’’ fan, you don’t need to push yourself too hard to get that look. Simply pair your tweed jacket with a nice baker-boy tweed cap to complete the look. That way you can also protect yourself from the scorching summer sun.  You can also consider adding little customisations to your outfit, like a metallic vintage brooch that will radiate an old-world charm. 

Imagine yourself driving your own luxury sports car in the countryside, with your tweed jacket and cap on…Sounds like a dream, right? This is the power of a tweed jacket. It could make the paradigm shift, making you look like a classic gentleman.  

Choose your tweed attires wisely. There are three main parts that you need to focus on, the tweed jacket, the waistcoat and the trousers if you’re looking for a three-piece tweed set. 

Some people may find wearing a waistcoat too formal, so better don’t wear if you feel constricted. 

Tweed Jackets for The Man in You

In recent years, tweed industries have grown on a large scale and thus you can find an explosion of tweed jackets available in the market in every design you can imagine. You can select your favourite hues starting from dusty-blue, mint green to peachy pastels. Tweed jackets also come in a variety of weaves like plain, twill or herringbone which gives you so much room to experiment with your look and styles. You can also add little accessories to coordinate with your sweetheart’s outfit. 

Tweed is the manliest and one of the rare luxury fabrics you can find. It’s rugged, highly durable and retains a premium texture which sums up everything a man needs. It’s the perfect clothing material a man could possibly gift himself for a lifetime.

tweed jackets for men

Tweed jackets can serve all your purpose and act as a dual-functional clothing item. It’s made from natural fibres which is why it is highly flexible and its texture is truly a game-changer. It can keep you cool and soak in your sweat in summers because it has breathability and tweed’s scaly strands act as a perfect insulator in winters, keeping you warm and cosy.

Tweed as fabric may sound a bit too practical and tough, but believe us it’s an equally elegant and sophisticated piece of fabric. 

Put your tweed jacket on and you’re ready to grab everyone’s eyeballs. Especially, if you’re going to attend a wedding ceremony. Shop authentic tweed from Harris Tweed Shop

Good Luck!

Join the Tweed Fever Before It’s Too Late!

tweed jackets

How To Dress Tweed Jackets Formally for Men

 A gentleman’s guide from desk to dinner

9 to 5 and beyond! Here we are today with our true gentleman’s guide to dress tweed jackets from the office desk to directly onto your dinner date. We all know tweed has its link from the rural parts of the world and despite that, it’s believed to be one of the durable and efficient fabrics around the globe. Tweed jackets also work miracles on all work sectors and environments which makes it a perfect go-to dressing item. 

For the office, you can consider pairing a tweed jacket with a crisp white formal shirt and a tile-printed tie which will help elevate your style game and grab everyone’s eyeballs in the office including your boss’s as well…haha!

It feels a lot less hectic when you can dress on the go without feeling the pressure of styling yourself accurately for the evening dinner or maybe, a dinner date. And here’s when a tweed jacket comes to your rescue. 

For the dinner date and beyond your office hours, you can swiftly dress to impress and style your tweed jacket with a casual shirt, polo shirt or with a turtle-neck knitted shirt and loafers to get a smart-casual look. 

These outfit ideas will surely accentuate your masculinity, exuding sophistication. You don’t need flashy expensive accessories or add ons to look your best. You just need the right accessories to get started and here we are to help you with all things related to tweed jackets and how you can combine it flamboyantly for the corporate environment. 

Tweed jackets
Tweed jackets
Tweed jackets

Wearing A tweed Jacket to the Office?

Despite being versatile, people still find it a bit tricky to dress up in a tweed jacket for any formal events or in their own office. Amp up your style by pairing your tweed jacket with finely tailored formal trousers, without trying too hard to look professional as well as sophistically trendy at the same time.  

Tweed jackets are a good option for corporate wear and you can pair it with a crisp white shirt or striped oxford shirt and tailored trousers to create a formal affair. Don’t go for checkered or printed shirts as that will create a mismatched look, making you appear like a clown. 

Tweed fabric jackets can be fun to wear but before you shop one, keep in mind that tweed is more of an informal piece of clothing which you can wear to your office as well, depending on the corporate sector you work with. Choose a hue that compliments your wardrobe as well as necessities, the most. You can go for the solid, monotonous or neutral colour palette so that would complement your formal wears. 

You might also consider buying traditional tweed jackets in olive green, khaki, brown or grey colours to make the best out of it and be rest assured that these tweed jackets would never let you down. 

How to style a tweed jacket?

Tweed as a fabric reflects timelessness. And we know that everyone nowadays wants to adorn timeless pieces of clothing. If you’re one of them who wants to transform his office looks, consider investing in muted colours or neutral-hued tweed jackets that can go well with almost all your items of clothing. You can also go for colours that flatter your complexion, for instance; a navy blue tweed jacket can be an extraordinary option for all the office-goers as it can merge well with both the worlds and serve as a perfect office-wear as well as a smart-casual piece of clothing. 

And we hope you already have a few pairs of white & pale blue oxford shirts or solid black shirts in your closet. But if you don’t, consider investing in one because it won’t harm you. Trust us! 

It’s time to join the Tweed Fever!

Tweed Blazers for Men
Tweed jackets

What to pair underneath a tweed jacket? 

For a formal affair, you can pair a tweed jacket with a solid white or any other muted-hued shirt. You can also explore various weaves and fabrics like linen or poplin shirts with twill or textured dobby weaves. To add more sophistication and character to your outfit, you can opt for a button-down or pin-collared shirts. 

Tweed jackets

What trousers to pair with a tweed jacket?

For a formal occasion, you can pair a tweed jacket with finely tailored-to-fit formal trousers. Choose the fabric and colour of the trouser wisely; so that it complements your overall look without overshadowing the tweed jacket. 

What accessories and footwear to style with a tweed jacket?

The best way to set yourself a class apart is through accessorizing right. For a decent look, you can try styling with a silk pocket square preferably, in white or pale pink colour. You can also amp up your look styling your tweed jacket with something as simple as a monochromatic or tiny tile-printed tie. 

For an ultra-formal dressing, you can style up yourself by wearing cufflinks, faux-leather belts or handkerchiefs. 

For beyond office hours, you can team up your tweed jacket with a nice metallic watch/unisex bracelet and sunglasses to elevate your appearance in no extra time.

Now coming to footwear, shoes play an important role in every man’s life. And it can truly make or break your overall styling. For a formal event, go for faux-leather formal shoes.

And if you’re going out on a dinner or planning to catch-up with your friends, for a smart-casual appearance, you can club your tweed jacket with a pair of vegan leather or suede loafers.

Tweed jackets

Now you’re all set to hit the road! 

Buy authentic tweed fabric from Harris Tweed Shop.

Tweed Jackets

Whip Smart Ways To Pull Off Tweed Jackets

Stuck with how to look cool in tweed jackets? Well, we have got you covered! 

Tweed, which was once considered to be a tough winter fabric, is now no more restricted to wintry days. You can flaunt these classic jackets regardless of the season. Tweed jackets are no less than a hidden textile gem. Adorning a tweed jacket feels like an old-world charm in itself, it’s way more than just classic attire. 

Tweed fabric have a lineage of traditions fused with contemporary design aesthetics to satisfy customer demands. Ranging from subtle earthy tones to dark monochromes, one can find tweed jackets in a variety of designs and hues depending on the mood and occasion you’re looking to wear it off. 

So here we are with few whip-smart ways on how you can pull off tweed jackets regardless of the weather for an ultimate casual look. 

Ever thought of pairing your tweed jacket with your everyday rugged jeans? Well, what if we tell you that pairing tweed jackets with jeans are in trend at the moment? 

Tweed jackets were considered to be perfect for formal events for a very long time. But in recent years, styling tweed jackets became much of a lavish affair that is not restricted to only formal events rather it became more casual in appeal. Seeing its immense popularity among the crowd, tweed jackets have become an ultimate part of the fashion cycle. And you can blend and pair tweed jackets in whichever way you want according to your wish. 

Tweed jackets are high on versatility and are a timeless piece of clothing though many of them are not yet aware of the fact. Tweed jackets can make for an apt smart casual if clubbed rightly. You can try clubbing tweed jackets with white oxford shirts, jeans, tie, ripped jeans, polo shirts, etc for a smart sophisticated casual vibe. The possibilities are endless. 

Especially ripped jeans and skinny jeans have been trends for quite some time now, we think pairing jeans with tweed jackets would make you stand out of the crowd. Wearing a tweed jacket is no more a boring thing and you can add your personal touch and essence into your tweed jacket with these handy tips and tricks which are surely going to elevate your appearance and style game making you look drop-dead dapper.

And if all this seems a bit off and illogical to you, worry not. For a laidback aesthetic appeal, you can consider clubbing your tweed jacket with comfy full-length chinos or chino shorts. You can also consider sporting your tweed jacket with your sporty polo shirts and dress up your upper torso handsomely. 

As we all know, a man is always judged by his shoes. So how can we miss that crucial thing, which means a lot in a man’s life? 

Last but not the least, you can go for casual feet options like loafers, sandals or sneakers to make the best out of your casual tweed look. And with these genius tips in mind, you can never go wrong and be rest assured that these lethal casual tweed jacket outfit ideas are never going to let you down. 

If you don’t trust us, trust your inner vibes. The odd becomes the new trend when it comes to the ever-growing and ever-hungry fashion world. So use your wit and surprise people around you with your smart dressing ideas. 

Sit tight with your eyes glued to the screen and discover endless possibilities on how you can club different casual outfits with your tweed jackets and pull it off with absolute swag. From going semi-casual to getting super funky, read all the possible ideas which are going to gel along and would make you the talk of the town.

As there’s no right or wrong way of dressing tweed jackets, but you can always go by a few of our genius hacks before hitting the road. So that you don’t miss out on anything and would be able to look your best anywhere you go.

So without further ado, let’s read!

1) Pairing Tweed Jackets with Jeans

Want to grab eyeballs? But unsure about your approach? Worry not! 

Grab your tweed jacket and pair it with your skinny jeans for the ultimate casual vibe. It doesn’t matter if you want to take a stroll around your town or visit your friend on a Sunday brunch. This whip-smart casual outfit idea is sure a Win, Win. So stand out in the crowd wearing your tweed jacket. 

Tweed Jackets

2) Pair Tweed Jackets with Tie for Peppy Casual Fix

It’s time to bring your peppy side up! Pair your tweed jacket with a tie for a formal yet casual fix.

The tie shouldn’t feel tight on your neck area. This way you can radiate your witty side up in a very casual and relaxed way. For a more casual approach, you can consider wearing sunglasses and light up the mood of the situation. 

Men's tweed jacket

3) Style up Tweed Jackets with Chinos and Loafers 

Who doesn’t love wearing chinos? They are comfy and every man’s best friend.

Since the arrival of chinos, it has dominated the fashion industry. You can find chinos in every colour and are pretty comfy too. You can pair your tweed jackets with chinos. 

Try pairing olive green or maroon chinos with your checkered tweed jacket. Or you can also consider styling your blue or black tweed jacket with the chinos to make the best out of it. Complete your look with a pair of brown loafers and elevate the essence of casual dressing. 

Tweed jacket for men

4) Funk it Up by Pairing Tweed Jackets with Shorts

Want to look funky yet minimalist? Well, we have got you covered.

Shorts are one of the must-haves and every man has at least a pair of them in his wardrobe. This summer you can bring your funky side up with our genius trick. Pair your funky shorts with tweed jackets for a chill vibe. Go for pastel blue or pink tweed fabric jackets, so that it doesn’t reflect bulkiness and goes well with your mood. 

If you are the kind of person who loves being funny but classy at the same time, we have a fix for you too. Rather than going for your normal shorts, consider pairing your tweed jacket with the new chino shorts which will help elevate your style game. 

Pairing tweed jackets with chino shorts is the ultimate casual yet classy fix and it’s something everyone can rely on. You can also finish the look by grabbing a hat.

 So make the best of your summer days with these simple yet funky outfit ideas.

Tweed Jacket
Men's tweed jacket casual dressing ideas

5) Style Your Tweed Jacket over Pinstripe Vest

Tweed jackets, as well as pinstripe vests, both are trending this season. So why not club them together to get a casual vibe?

If you’re a man who always wants to wear outfits that are light and airy then, we have got you covered this time. Try pairing your tweed jackets with the trendier pinstripe vest this summer and level up your casual styling. 

Complete the look with a pair of brown loafers and you are good to go. Shock everyone around with your ultimate casual style and show the world that wearing tweed jackets doesn’t need to be boring; you just need the right approach. This look is for sure is a winner and exudes a mischievous classic vibe.

 Men's tweed jacket casual dressing ideas

6) Look Dapper by Pairing Tweed Jackets with Polo neck Tees

For all those men who are fond of sports, we have an ultimate casual tweed fix for you. 

Sporting a polo shirt with a tweed jacket makes for an impeccable casual outfit.

Looking casual yet classic was never this easy. Ever thought of pairing your tweed jacket with the polo shirts you’ve stockpiled from years? No! So this is your time to pair them up. Yeah, you heard it right!

Try pairing your polo neck shirts with your monochromatic or textured tweed jackets and stand out in the crowd. 

Try finishing this look with shorts or chinos and don’t forget to put on your everyday sneakers to create a statement. It’s surely going to catch everyone’s eyeballs making you the talk of the town.

Tweed Fabric

Shop such a fabric for your Tweed jacket from Harris Tweed shop.

tweed fabric

Numerous ways to include Tweed Fabrics in your daily dressing


Tweed fabric is known to be one of the best winter fabrics as it’s strong, tough and highly durable.

Don’t worry if you want to flaunt your tweed in summers. It comes from mid-weight to heavy weight options which make it perfect to be worn on summer days too. Tweed fabric is unisexual in nature and also retains a premium raw texture which makes it much more sophisticated and appealing. It also comes in a wide array of patterns and colors and you can get them in any sizes you want.

So without a further ado let’s know, what are the various ways in which you can include tweed fabrics in your daily dressing.   

Sit tight and read on!

tweed fabrics

Tweed Fabric Skirts for Every Body Shapes

There are quite a few ways in which you can don a tweed fabric skirt based on your figure and fit. You can find a wide variety of tweed skirts starting from A-line to pencil and from hourglass to pear, tweed fabric comes in a lot of variety for every body shape.

Wear what you like without any guilt and be a trendsetter in your own town. But it’s better to know which outfits suits you the best so that you can flaunt your shape and curves with total confidence and style.

If you’re in doubt which tweed fabric skirt matches your body shape and makes you look like million dollars? We have got you covered, so sit tight and read on! We will narrow down which tweed fabric skirt styles look the best on you and your body type.

  • If you’re a girl with banana shape whose shoulders, waist and hips are of same width then you might consider body-hugging miniskirts made from tweed fabrics for fabulous look.


Because a fitted tweed fabric skirt will emphasize your curves and the shorter hems will show off your slim and sexy legs.

Harris Tweed
Tweed fabric
  • If you have an hourglass body with curves and a prominent waistline then tweed pencil skirt is something you might consider for looking drop dead gorgeous.

Because a tweed pencil skirt will accentuate your curves smoothening out the thigh and lower torso area.

Harris tweed shop
Harris Tweed Shop
Tweed fabric
  • If you’re a women with pear shape whose hips and lower torso looks bulky then A-line tweed skirts are a must have for you. As A-line tweed skirt will not only highlight your waist, flaring out over your hips, minimizing the bulkiness of your lower torso.
tweed jacket
wool fabric
tweed fabrics

Tweed Fabric Suits

Tweed suits for men

It’s hard to change the pre-occupied mind setup about tweed fabrics. People tend to link it with countryside sports like shooting, pipe smoking, etc. Tweed fabric is very distinct and is also water-resistant and tough that keeps you warm and cozy in the winters.

Well, there’s no such thing as typical tweed fabric. It comes in a wide array of weights, weaves and colors. This reflects that the stereotype related to tweed fabrics need to be broken. For instance, with tweed fabrics you can achieve all the warmth and comfort you need in winters without the fear of layering up heavy woolens. Buying a tweed fabric suit can be smartest ideas you can ever have and it’s definitely a piece worth you’re your money.

And the best part is, you don’t need to wait for the cold and wintery months now to wear your tweed suits. With the new advanced and lightweight tweed suits, you can don it whenever you want and flaunt your style even in the summers.

Feel like investing in tweeds? Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Here we narrow down few our favorite picks that can be adorned by men of any size and fit. Take a look! These are way more than just conservative pieces of tweed fabrics.

1) A three-piece lamb’s wool tweed fabric suit can give you that extra edge and looks effortlessly stylish at the same time. These tweed suits highlight the versatility of the tweed fabric and don’t make you look conservative or too traditional. This suit compliments well and make you look class apart particularly at weddings, regardless of any season.

Tweed jacket for men
tweed fabrics

2) The classic Donegal tweed fabric suit is known widely for its irregular flecks and variations. You can consider buying tweed suit that retains the feel of the fabric in earthy tones but differs on the basis of patterns. Go for sleek cuts and modern silhouettes, also you can find various budget options while choosing your perfect tweed suit. Donegal tweed fabric suits work great for day outs, formal gatherings and events.

Tweed jacket for men
Tweed jacket for men

3) What about a pin-sharp tailored tweed fabric suit? This suit proves that tweed fabric is no more just a rough textured fabric, its way more than that. This perfectly tailored tweed fabric suit is made to cater as formal wear and helps you elevate your look one level up. It’s a smart option with a fabulous twist to your regular office wear or go-to wedding attire.

Tweed jacket for men
Tweed jacket for men

4) Want to look conventional yet sophisticated in your tweed fabric suit? Go for idiosyncratic print linings and sleek cuts. If you are a skinny man and want a tweed fabric suit that fits you perfectly without making you look so thin and awkward, then these tweed fabric suits are the perfect ones for you. Grab this without a second thought.

Tweed suits for men
Tweed suits for men

5) Who doesn’t like donning a piece of tweed fabric suit that reflects luxury and elegance woven into it? If you are of these men, then own timeless pieces of cashmere tweed fabrics right away and cherish it forever. These tweed fabrics are sourced from the remote valleys of Scotland in its purest form, woven intricately with finesse, inspired by the mesmerizing lush green landscapes and sustaining the passion of weaving the heritage. These tweed fabric suits look more traditional but are one of the immensely stylish tweed fabric suits to consider for men.

Tweed jacket for men


Dresses made out of tweed fabrics are easily available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and silhouettes. You can find tweed fabric dresses depending on your budget at very affordable price ranges. No matter what your budget is, with a tweed fabric dress you can never go wrong and be rest assured that it’s going to elevate your look and make you feel like a million bucks.

Still in doubt? Here’s why you should invest in a tweed fabric dress:

  • Tweed fabric dresses are chic and classy and instantly reflect sophistication.
  • Easy to style, tweed fabric pieces don’t need much accessorizing.
  • Tweed fabrics never get boring as there’s a variety of colors and designs available in the market to choose from.
  • You can wear your tweed fabric dresses regardless of the season.
  • And the fun part is you can pair your tweed fabric dresses with flats, heels or even boots at times.
  • You can adorn a tweed fabric dress even without breaking your bank. They will always make you feel like a million bucks regardless of your budget.
  • You can also consider adding a piece of brooch to your tweed fabric dress and add a bit of class and sophistication to your look.
Tweed jacket for women
Tweed jacket for women
wool fabrics
tweed fabric
tweed fabrics

Accessorize right with Tweed Fabric Scrunchies and Hair Ties

Are you one of those who still love the natural and handmade tweed fabric scrunchies and hair ties from the 90s? 

Tie your ponytail with these little luxury pieces made from organic tweed fabrics and level up your style game. These tweed scrunchies are exceptional just like you and doesn’t damage your hair like any other elastic bands. So make them yours and accessorize yourself right.

Accessories for your fur-buddies

Why leave your pooches behind? 

Take your fur buddies with you wherever you go in style and let them be the talk of the town.

You can find a lot of tweed accessories made from organic tweed fabrics for your furry companions starting from handmade tweed dog collars to tweed bow ties to tweed jackets.

Buy Tweed fabric from the Harris Tweed Shop in UK.