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Best Tweed Blazer for Men and Where to Buy Tweed Blazer

Tweed – A Heritage Fabric: Known as “the Champagne of fabrics”, made in the remote places of the world, “best tweed blazer for men” have been worn by generations of Scottish families and estates for hundreds of years. Each and every tweed blazer for men is unique and has stories woven within which tells a story of people, places, and traditions. This fabric continues to strive which adds to the iconic legacy of the fabric, restoring ancient designs with new patterns.

Inspired By the Hills

Tweed’s place of birth is one of the essential aspects, it hails from the land of hills. Tweed blazer for men itself is so unique that it tends to blend with its surroundings. In the making of tweed yarns, up to 8 different colors of fibers are twisted together in the spinning process which retains its organic appeal because nothing in nature is made up of a single hue or tone.

Genuine Craftsmanship and Unique Designs

The tweed blazer for men has endless possibilities. Today consumer is the key therefore, the designs are created not only from the weaver’s side but many designers are involved in creating tweed blazer for men and bringing it to life. The legacy of designs and knowledge of weaving is passed down to newer generations in order to preserve the craft and its authenticity. Centuries later, the weavers are still stuck with the commonly used designs and patterns which becomes a problem when a newer design is to be introduced.

Weaving the Bespoke 

Weaving a bespoke tweed blazer for men requires a lot of labor and hard work than you might think. Besides the color and patterns, the weight and quality also differ based on the purpose it is to be used for. For instance, heavyweight tweeds can be suited for outdoor purposes as it’s hard-hitting and semi-waterproof in nature whereas, lightweight tweeds can be a decent choice for making modern clothes.

Zenith of Performance

With the tweed blazer for men, you can never go wrong and always be ready to overcome any climatic conditions. This high-performance tweed blazer for men is made to the utmost level of protection from the unknown and unpredictable weather conditions without sacrificing the luxury of owning a purely handcrafted material of superior quality. Tweed blazer for men nowadays that you get in stores is an example of innovation blended with contemporary styles to create jackets that never fail to impress and defeat the elements. You probably won’t find a better blazer than tweed blazer for men anywhere across the globe. Owning a piece of tweed itself makes you feel like a million bucks. No winds or slopes can stop you as a tweed blazer for men is also water-proof and windproof.

The Women of Tomorrow

Tweed jacket can add chic and flair to your look with a formal twist. Wearing a tweed jacket or tweed blazer for men or women can grab all the eyeballs and instantly change everything.  What makes a tweed jacket more alluring? It’s the elegance of the bygone era and the modern contemporary world. Tweed blazer for men and women exude enigma, sophistication, and style which needs no introduction. Harris Tweed jackets speak more to a women’s style than to any other look. If worn-well it can change your overall look and will reflect your aura. You can add small pieces like a scarf, hat, gladiators to personalize your look a bit more and add your charm to it. But you can also carry the simple look which speaks volumes about yourself. 

Make your own way and shift perceptions of dressing tweed blazer for men and women in style around the globe from male-dominated to unisex to fabulously feminine. The future belongs to women who are ready to fight for it, it’s the era of empowered women who have the power to break the glass ceilings and change the orthodox way of dressing. With a good shirt comes a good jacket, and these stylish tweeds are must-haves in your closet which provides a perfect shrunken fit that evokes a worldly perspective.

You can proudly own these smart pieces and make your wardrobe stand out.

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What to look for and how to choose the perfect tweed blazer?

Tweed blazer for men can be a good choice for everyone. Tweeds are an amazing piece of fabric and look absolutely chic and classy. a tweed blazer for men can blend seamlessly with any environment and can be worn on any occasion. It can really be a tedious job to find the one exact tweed blazer for men that matches your styles. But here we are with few tips and tricks to find your perfect match:

Check the material

It is a crucial part of purchasing a particular piece of garment. Always consider the breathability and stretch before making the final purchase for a tweed blazer for men. Nowadays, a tweed blazer for men is meant to serve you as fashionable attire rather than just functional. Old days are long gone and now a tweed blazer for men adds a touch of class and confidence to your overall personality. So select the right material that can make you stand out in the crowd rather than ruining your whole look and experience.

Quality Matters

The Harris Tweed fabric defines the quality of tweed jackets. Quality plays a vital role in determining what exactly you’re looking for. Tweed blazers for men don’t tend to lose their shine and shape after washing which is an added bonus. Don’t blindly shop for tweed blazer for men without checking the quality of fabrics as that may not be worth your money and you’ll end up ripping off your wallet. So always pay attention to the fabric quality followed by the design and detailing for your tweed blazers for men and women.

Want Cozy Jacket?

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Tweed blazers for men are made by combining various types of fibers. Wool, acrylic or even polyester is generously mixed together to create light-weight tweeds to suit pockets of every budget. How to find the best and possibly the coziest tweed blazer for men? The answer is here; find a tweed blazer for men that doesn’t stick to your body or make you feel uncomfortable even during the summers. Because the best of tweed jacket keep the coziness alive regardless of any season. 

Design Speaks

Tweed blazer for men can come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Select the one in which you feel the most confident. Tweed blazer for men has an amazing trait that you can wear them for any occasion without a second thought. If you love wearing dresses then buy tweed blazers for men or tweed jacket you can put over your dress and add a layer with flair. Tweed blazer for men can be fun if you choose the right material. Always look for the water-resistant one in order to enjoy, regardless of the weather conditions. Also, look into the practical aspects so that you not only look stylish but also make a smart choice. 

Handmade Fabric

Owing to high demand and as a result of commercialization, most tweed blazer for men these days are made on machines. Even brands like Harris Tweed, the pioneer of tweed now create their fabrics on power looms. Very few brands manage to bring out the authenticity in tweed by being handmade right from the thread to fabric. One such brand which is 100% handmade, is from the lap of the Indian Himalayas, Taash. Their yarn is woven on wooden spindles and fabric constructed on wooden handlooms giving authentic fabric for tweed blazers for men. 

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Are you one of those who lurk around the closet in search of what to wear it with? Let us be your savior. 

There are a lot of things to consider when you think of pairing your outfits;

  • For what occasion you will be wearing it: Will you be wearing your tweed blazer for men for formal occasions or just for a casual get-together? You can plan your look beforehand if you keep this in mind, it’s really helpful!
  • What colors to go for: Generally you can pair shirts of black, brown, white and grey colors with your tweed blazer for men. And with the neutrals, you can never go wrong.
  • How regular you want to wear it: Consider having a line of shirts ready if you want to wear a tweed blazer for men on a regular basis. And if you are just wearing it for occasional purpose, a pair of crisp white or beige shirt with chintz prints or faint stripes would be perfect. Style tweed blazer for men with brown/tan boots or loafers to create a statement.

 Current tweed brands in the market

There are several brands national and internationally from where you can shop the highest quality tweed blazer for men and tweed jacket:

  • The Edinburgh Woolen Mill, UK
  • Hawes and Curtis, UK
  • Leger & Oaks, UK
  • Kinnaur Handcrafted, Taash India

There are several online sites you can consider if you want to shop for tweed blazer for men and women:


Brands That Are into Commercial production

Not all tweed fabrics are purely handcrafted now. It’s the result of industrialization that today most of the yarns are spun in the mills which earlier used to be genuinely handspun. 

There are few more companies that are into the mass production of tweeds, For instance, Lish, Harris Tweed and Brooks Brothers are one of the renowned brands that produce a large number of tweeds ranging from medium weight tweeds for furnishings, to feather-light tweeds for jackets and tweed blazer for men and women to superfine tweeds for dresses and shawls.

5) Tweed Fabric – One of a kind Fabric

Tweed is the only fabric produced in commercial quantities by truly traditional methods anywhere in the world.

Its exclusivity remains unmatched even today. It’s vibrant, practical and also quite hip and happening.  What makes it more special is the way it’s made; it’s woven in the sheds of the locals. It takes hours of time and labor to weave a piece of tweed for tweed blazers for men and women which makes it an unhurried fabric. It is one of a kind and is a marvel of textiles that exists to date. It’s not only the brand that fascinates tweed buyers but it’s the story of heritage woven in every piece that makes it more desirable amongst the fashion connoisseurs.  

Taash – The Himalayan Tweed

Known as the Himalayan tweed, Taash is one of a kind luxury fabric. Derived purely from the finest of sheep coats and handcrafted with love and labor. This fabric hails from the green meadows down the hills of Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh. To date, everything starting from the shearing of wool to manufacturing the final fabric is done manually by hand which makes it sustainable and consumes less energy. It’s not just a fabric but a piece of heritage that holds a lot of mysteries within. It has a strong sense of aesthetics and heritage that has been passed down from generation to generation; every piece that’s woven in a wooden loom inside their homes with thousand interlaced yarns holds an infinite number of untold stories of the weavers and their family and traditions.

Every “Taash” product holds a certified Craftmark to maintain the authenticity of the products including your tweed blazer for men. Every single item produced with Taash is environmentally-friendly and dyed using natural dyes/colors obtained from the flora or regional plants that grow abundantly in the hills. This fabric has a strong potential and can easily be the ‘Champagne of textiles’. Not only is it water-resistant but it’s highly durable and you can flaunt it with flair regardless of any season. It is perfect for winters as well as for summers for tweed blazers for men and women and dresses and even upholstery.

Taash is also a fabric that is filling the gap between the age-old traditions and the modern contemporary world acting as a bridge merging the two different sides of the world; the artisans and the customers.

Himalayan tweeds have a worldwide reach and have been worn as tweed blazers for men and women and dresses and wraps by famous film stars on the red carpet. You can also find it anywhere across the globe.

If you’re a fashion connoisseur and love to own everything handcrafted, then Taash is definitely a perfect match for you and worth considering. You can get your hands on the authentic Taash fabrics and products only at Harris Tweed shop.

Tweed suits for men

Tweed suits for men, from the Himalayas – Heirloom Fabrics For The Gentleman

Tweed suits for men, from the Himalayas – Heirloom Fabrics For The Gentleman


Tweed suits for men are the perfect example of luxury, power and a comfortable authority that comes combined with age, and correspondingly, grace. Himalayan Tweed has come full circle in the fashion mainstream spotlight.

When you think of Himalayan Tweed you probably think of an old fashioned, conservative guy who’s probably headed to the northern sides for a bit of shooting and hunting. However, Tweed suits for men are actually one of the smartest and coolest ways to stay warm without bulking up in layers of clothing so it is both practical and stylish. 

So, what is Himalayan Tweed? It is often known as the intricate fabric, which is an Heirloom fabric made on a handmade wooden Khaadi or handloom by the local artisans at their homes in Kinnaur, upper areas of the Himalayas.  

Tweed suits for men

TWEED SUITS FOR MEN – Gentlemen’s Fashion

Although tweed is deeply rooted in the Indian heritage, today, like most things, it has been re-imagined, restructured and re-introduced for the fashion that involves a man. 

The unique, cashmere-like hand feel of Himalayan Tweed made from worsted yarns, along with a lightweight, yet thick drape, make them ideal for Tweed suits for men, that are long-lasting wool fabrics, superior in warmth and at the same time, made of 100% natural materials. 

Nowadays, we often see an excess of products made from it, mainly trousers and jackets featuring new cuts, and designs repositioning tweed from a mainly conventional and traditional piece of clothing to urban consumers.

Indian History Behinds – TWEED SUITS

Kinnaur Handcrafted Himalayan Tweed

Head to Kinnaur Handcrafted Himalayan Tweed for great raw materials produced in Kinnaur, great Himalayan ranges of India. The wool used to make the tweed is Organic wool, from bio-branded sheep, specially bred for the purpose of producing wool fabric, which is the primary part of the process in the making of exclusive Tweed suits for men

Tweed suits for men

When you buy a yard of Himalayan tweed, it’s not just a yard, it’s a lot of Indian history you’re buying. That should come as no surprise because, in Kinnaur, hand-weaving is a skill passed down for generations. 

The heritage crafting of wool fabrics has gone on for over a thousand years in the great Himalayan ranges of India. But due to a dearth of education among the very skillful weavers of the region, the craft could not spread the reach of wool fabrics to the international customers until recently.

In the making of these heirloom fabrics of heritage quality, the traditional techniques have been combined with modern technicality, with a sense and sensibility that pleases the eye of a gentleman.

Different Colour Designs – TWEED SUITS

If you’re on purchasing your first tweed item and you want to wear it confidently, you should start with the Blazer. Men’s tweed blazers are probably your best bet to stay warm and amp up your look without trying too hard- just make sure you deploy the trend correctly.

Tweed Blazers

Brown Tweed Suits

Grey Tweed Suits

Check Tweed Suits 

Tweed suits for men

Let’s Conclude

Today, tweed is slowly becoming more popular and witnessing its own trends and fashions. So traditional tweed is perhaps best thought of as a reference point, an archetype from which many others draw inspiration.

So, Kinnaur Handcrafted took their steps towards the journey of producing hand-woven Tweed suits for men from fleece available in the beautiful pastures of the Himalayan mountains of Kinnaur. 

Fo making your winters more stylish and warm, and to have more information about the Himalayan Tweed, Visit

Kinnaur Handcrafted