Facts About Harris Tweed Fabric

Harris Tweed Fabric Facts

The very name of the Harris Tweed fabric is almost synonymous with romance. Draping their way through England and Scotland, Tweed carpet was so popular that it has even inspired an opera. Since its inception in the 16th century, with the turning of the tide, it has been adopted as a favorite amongst royalty.

Although it has been largely used as an alternative to the more famous Linen, wool is still the most common choice for use in today’s canvas prints. Along with the Linden Tweed, it still remains a favorite because of its uniqueness and smooth, silky feel to it.

Despite the high cost, there are many people who prefer to use wool. Aside from the ease in cleaning the fabric, it can be used for many other things.

Harris Tweed is also used to decorate for weddings and parties. It adds an air of romance and tradition to the room and makes for an excellent addition to any kid’s room or baby’s room.

Other uses for Harris Tweed include decking, rugs, pillows, carpets, rugs, curtains, linens, window coverings, wardrobes, beds, mats, clothing, bedding, etc. Some of the other commonly used fabrics are:

The use of Harris Tweed is most commonly found in vintage fabrics such as Anthracite, Burgundy, Calico, Lavender, Gray, Royal Purple, Blue, Red, and White. Since it is extremely difficult to find a full set of colors of Harris Tweed, it can be purchased separately.

Tapestry, embroidery, and plush are some of the other mediums which utilize the shade of Harris Tweed. On occasion, its shade is replicated in silk as well. With the use of the exact shade, it makes a great backdrop.

Most of the time, it is the Calfskin-Hooded Sweater that is worn on a Halter Top Style Jacket. The Halter Top has become a regular feature for many women on wintery days in pubs and clubs.

Another great thing about this fabric is that it comes in an array of shades. There are both light and dark shades that are very attractive. The wide range of shades also makes it possible to match it with different fabrics or patterns.

Even though the wool and cashmere blends can be quite costly, the Harris Tweed is reasonably priced compared to the traditional Linen. This is one of the reasons why it is a popular fabric choice in the designer handbag market.

When shopping for Harris Tweed, you should try to get the shade that goes well with your existing colors. This will ensure that you can match your handbag to other things that you have.

Because Harris Tweed is so versatile, it is also one of the fabrics that are used for making designer bags and purses. It is an ideal option for those who have a limited budget or have limited space in their homes to store items that will be worn every day.

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