Himalayan tweed

Harris Tweed fabric – Taash is often known as the intricate fabric, is a Handwoven Himalayan fabric that is made on a handmade wooden Khaadi or handloom by the local artisans at their homes in Kinnaur, upper areas of the Himalayas.  

This Wool Fabric, Taash or locally known as “finest Patti” is designed and produced by the designers of Kinnaur Handcrafted with the great efforts and support of the local artisans of Kinnaur village.

The entire backbone behind the workings of Himalayan Tweed, Taash is based on being able to revive historical craft skills and build a bridge between the remote rural artisans to an urban buyer.


Who is Kinnaur Handcrafted?

Coming along the best designers with plenty of experience, talent, and perseverance in textile and craft designing, Kinnaur Handcrafted aims to revive and promote the traditional crafts and skills by transforming the wool fabric into beautiful designs that meet the demands of the urban customers.


The Journey Of Himalayan Tweed – TAASH

Wool weaving process has been practiced since the last 5000 years in Himachal Pradesh, the uppermost heights of Himalayas. We all have heard the name Silk Road, the trade route that combines Central Asia, China, Tibet, and India. Once it enters Himachal Pradesh, it becomes the Wool Road providing us with Tweed Fabric.

The weavers of Kinnaur are found along this route. Their strategic location caused their weaving to be greatly influenced by the ancient trade and thus have an intertwined history. This leads to the growth of the Himalayan Tweed – Taash.

Some Himalayan Tweed Products: 

  • Accessories
  • Fabric
  • Ladies Accessories
  • Ladieswear
  • Men’s Accessories
  • Menswear
  • Workwear


Making & Processing Of Taash: 

All our products are Craftmark certified as handmade. Taash products are environment-friendly as the usage is only natural fibers and natural dyes. 

The following processes are involved in the making of Himalayan Tweed – Taash products.


SHEARING – Use of Himalayan Sheep Wool 

The weavers shear the sheep twice a year. For this handwoven Himalayan fabric, Kinnaur handcrafted weavers use the finer winter clip, sheared once the sheep return after months in higher pastures, rich in minerals and other pastures.

The Harris Tweed narrative starts with pure virgin wools, which are blended together to acquire the advantages of their unique qualities and characteristics.


WASHING – Wool is hand washed 

Himalayan Tweed is properly hand washed and then dyed in the wool, which means the wool fabric is fiber dyed before being spun as opposed to dying spun yarn. This usually means the mill can gently combine different colored wool with each other to create a multitude of intricate colors and colors.


GRADING & SORTINGWool is best qualified 

Grading and Sorting process of wool fabric is done at the weaver’s homes, carefully picking the best quality wool from the shoulders and underbelly of the sheep. The fabric is then sorted into grades by individuals who have developed a keen sense of touch. The sorting of fiber is done according to fineness, length, and color. 


CARDINGWool is perfectly combed 

The wool fabric is washed, dried and then Carding is done by wooden combs at village homes. It is then spun by “takli” or spindle, yielding woolen yarn to weave into the fabric

After weaving on the handmade wooden “Khaadi” or loom, the Wool fabric is sent for final finishing to the mill to get our finest, high quality, soft fabric, Taash or Himalayan Tweed.

Himalayan Tweed – Taash


HIMALAYAN TWEED Supporting the Trend 

Whether to be used in boots, bags or bottoms, Himalayan Tweed – Taash with its fascinating journey and a relevant vision towards conscious fashion is a beacon of hope at a turbulent time. 

To simply draw a similar picture, the Himalayan tweed can be compared to the likes of Harris tweed, which has been used by designers for its ability to provide tough yet malleable fabrics.


The Bottom Line

This new handwoven Himalayan fabric combines with the needs for trending winter wear with no compromise of full insulation. Kinnaur handcrafted is making a huge market globally with the manufacturing of Himalayan Tweed, Taash. 

The quality, perfection and the pure feel of the fabric are meeting with a huge demand for Taash globally. For making your winters more shining with the purest form of Harris Tweed, please visit: 


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