Our founders, Astha and Rishi are have deep rooted connections with Himachal Pradesh- The land of Gods.

In love with Himachal, the simplicity of its people, beautiful villages, traditions and cultures, they interacted closely with local villagers in Kinnaur, listening to stories of nomadic shepherds who spent months together in the uppermost reaches of mystic Himalayas.

These intimate interactions, local folk stories and songs helped them gain an in-depth knowledge of Kinnauri crafts and weaving- of how religion, culture and terrain played pivotal roles in shaping the kinnauri crafts, reflected in traditional motifs on dresses, dohrus, pattus and shawls.

However owing to competition from the power loom sector, these national treasures are now a dying craft. It has become a challenge to restore the same.

In an endeavor to revive the craft, Astha and Rishi have been working closely with kinnauri weavers since a few years. Thus after  years of continuous improvising, designing and working on handlooms, Kinnaur handcrafted was born- A brand to introduce the finest Kinnauri fabric, suited for mild to most extreme winters while interlacing heritage with style.

With their passion and commitment to revive the craft, employ the artisans and simultaneously bridge the gap between traditional techniques and timeless designs, Rishi and Astha plan to take Kinnaur Handcrafted to greater heights



Kinnaur Handcrafted is an initiative with a strong foundation and commitment towards restoration and our consumers.

Each product by Kinnaur Handcrafted is a link in a chain connecting the shepherds, weavers and you. Thus by choosing a product you are helping in completing the chain.

All the weavers associated with Kinnaur Handcrafted are trained and educated free of cost by our designers for producing quality products matching international standards while maintaining authenticity of the craft.

Our weavers are supported by a sustainable income.


Our vision is to reintroduce to the world the traditional weaving techniques of Kinnaur. It is our endeavour to promote, preserve and support this unique art and to establish a connect between the weaver and consumers.



Through or brand Kinnaur Handcrafted, we undertake to support  livelihood and well being of Kinnauri weavers and to produce genuine and authentic Kinnauri crafts and make them available to our consumers.