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Our brand bridges the uppermost reaches of the Himalayas, otherwise inaccessible for the most part of the year to the fashion world, creating timeless fabric, evolved in texture and quality.

We amalgamate years of experience behind this exclusive fabric with modern technology yielding high-quality functional tweed suitable for moderate to extreme weathers.

Our designers work closely in the remotest of Kinnauri villages with local artisans to design and produce “Taash” or finest Patti as it is known locally.

This intricate fabric is woven on a handmade wooden Khaddi or handloom by local artisans at their homes in Kinnaur.

This raw coarse fabric is then sent to the mill for finishing to impart a fine, soft finish.

We use the finest yarn for this fabric, procured from high altitude Himalayan sheep reared by the weavers themselves.

The villagers of Kinnaur wear clothes made from such Patti in the upper reaches of the Himalayas during peak winter season.

A Tendency Towards Restoration

Wool weaving is native to Himachal since time immemorial and our team comprises 30 – 35 Kinnauri weavers who have learnt the art of weaving from their forefathers. 

The key ideal of Kinnaur Handcrafted  is to interlace heritage with style. To build a bridge between traditional techniques and timeless design. 

In our endeavour, we understand that constant creation is required for preservation of depleting skills. We are, thus, based on principles of revival, sustainability and employment generation.

From start to finish, we ensure that the textile is a product of unquestionable quality – thus bringing value to our users. Wool has many prominent attributes. It is strong, warm, durable, resilient, water and fade resistant.