Top Reasons to Buy Tweed Jackets for Men

Tweed Jackets for men

Haven’t invested in tweed jackets yet? Well! It’s high time to get yourself one.

Tweed fabrics have been a fashion staple since years especially, in the UK because of its versatility. No other fabric in the world offers such luxury infused with practicality. 

Through the years, tweed jackets have managed to stay consistently in fashion and have been immensely popular in recent times. From the countryside to the catwalks tweed jackets own the fashion industry and its growth has also skyrocketed since past few years. 

Thinking of acquainting tweeds to your closet? 

If you’re on your way to shop a tweed jacket for the very first time, take it slowly. Start your tweed journey with a smart-casual look and style your tweed jacket with a pair of suede loafers and chinos or jeans.

tweed jackets

Tweed jackets also offer a plethora of possibilities and it can be worn well on any occasion and can be pulled off as formal or smart-casual, regardless of the season. And that’s why tweed jackets are gaining immense popularity and emerging as one of the highly demanded clothing items amongst men.

If you’re still not convinced, let us give you some of the top reasons to buy a tweed jacket.

tweed jackets

Benefits of owning a Tweed Jacket

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.” This saying stands true when it comes to tweed jackets. Don’t go with the stereotypical comments linked with the tweed jackets rather be a trendsetter and open the world of new dressing possibilities. Apart from being highly durable and practical, tweed jackets retain premium raw texture and reflect luxury making you feel like million bucks.

Tweed jackets are also high on insulation and make a perfect choice for winters.

But you can also get your hands on medium to lightweight tweed jackets to beat the heat this summers.

Tweed jackets are timeless pieces of clothing, which we think of why it should be owned by all men.

Not only that, if you’re a fashion connoisseur who’s looking for a sustainable piece of clothing, then look no further! Tweed jackets offer you ample of opportunities and you can style them in so many ways, as and when you want. Starting from formal occasions to casual gatherings, one can wear tweed jackets everywhere.

No matter whether you’re a minimalist or someone who likes to flaunt his bright side. We have got you all covered!

Tweed jackets come in a wide array of colours and patterns ranging from bright hues to subtle and muted earthy tones, which is a bonus for all the men. 

Tweed Jackets to Keep You Heated

tweed jackets

Made from the finest of Himalayan wool, tweed jackets from Kinnaur Handcrafted provide you with all the warmth and cosiness you require on wintry days. Apart from being high on insulation, these tweed jackets can make you feel less bulky and enhance your overall appearance. 

Amp Up Your Style Game With Tweed Jackets

Tweed jackets are high in fashion and give one so much room to experiment with styles. Tweed jackets also look immensely fashionable and can elevate your style game in no minutes.

tweed jackets

The ever-hungry fashion industry is working more on improving the looks and texture of the tweed jackets making it more appealing than ever before because of its rising demands.  So if you want to keep up with the latest trends, then we suggest you shouldn’t miss out on this. Buy yourself a nicely tailored tweed jacket today.  

Ace The Jockey Look

Ever thought of acing the jockey look? Don’t get jittery! We have got you covered.

tweed jackets
tweed jackets

Style your tweed jacket with a pair of high boots and you’re all good to go. You can also consider wearing a hat or sunglasses to master the equestrian look. If you wish, you can add more accessories to your outfits like chains and belts to create a statement.

Walk The Aisle With Grace In A Tweed Jacket

Who doesn’t want to look impressive at a wedding? It’s not only the women but men too. Everyone wants to look their best when it comes to a wedding ceremony. 

Tweed jackets are emerging as one of the preferred choices for British weddings.

Tweed jackets are no less than a dream woven with luxury. It is a perfect go-to-wedding clothing item that should be in every gentleman’s wardrobe. 

Re-think again, if you feel that tweed jackets make you appear geeky or nerdy. Tweed is the fabric of choice for most of the elite class people and the fun fact is, you can wear them anywhere from a wedding ceremony to casual gatherings. The versatility and enigma of a tweed jacket can brighten your day up. Tweed jackets give you that extra edge and you can flaunt the ones you own in style, in a racecourse, or wear them to a baseball match ground or a wedding. You can find an exquisite range of contemporary designs and patterns fused with comfy textures, giving you a feather-light feel. 

So get rid of all the misconceptions and flaunt your tweed jackets regardless of the weather conditions and be the talk of the town. Tweed jackets are known for their luxury appearance and if you are envious of the British style and want to dress like a genuine Englishman, then consider grabbing a tweed jacket.

Also, you can wear your tweed jackets to the churches without any hesitation. Be it a wedding ceremony or a marriage registry office, you can wear your tweeds anywhere regardless of the events, occasions or weather. Thus, be rest assured that no place restricts wearing tweed jackets and you can flaunt them with swag, anywhere without a doubt. 

tweed jackets
tweed jackets for men

A piece of good news for all the ‘’Peaky Blinders’’ fan, you don’t need to push yourself too hard to get that look. Simply pair your tweed jacket with a nice baker-boy tweed cap to complete the look. That way you can also protect yourself from the scorching summer sun.  You can also consider adding little customisations to your outfit, like a metallic vintage brooch that will radiate an old-world charm. 

Imagine yourself driving your own luxury sports car in the countryside, with your tweed jacket and cap on…Sounds like a dream, right? This is the power of a tweed jacket. It could make the paradigm shift, making you look like a classic gentleman.  

Choose your tweed attires wisely. There are three main parts that you need to focus on, the tweed jacket, the waistcoat and the trousers if you’re looking for a three-piece tweed set. 

Some people may find wearing a waistcoat too formal, so better don’t wear if you feel constricted. 

Tweed Jackets for The Man in You

In recent years, tweed industries have grown on a large scale and thus you can find an explosion of tweed jackets available in the market in every design you can imagine. You can select your favourite hues starting from dusty-blue, mint green to peachy pastels. Tweed jackets also come in a variety of weaves like plain, twill or herringbone which gives you so much room to experiment with your look and styles. You can also add little accessories to coordinate with your sweetheart’s outfit. 

Tweed is the manliest and one of the rare luxury fabrics you can find. It’s rugged, highly durable and retains a premium texture which sums up everything a man needs. It’s the perfect clothing material a man could possibly gift himself for a lifetime.

tweed jackets for men

Tweed jackets can serve all your purpose and act as a dual-functional clothing item. It’s made from natural fibres which is why it is highly flexible and its texture is truly a game-changer. It can keep you cool and soak in your sweat in summers because it has breathability and tweed’s scaly strands act as a perfect insulator in winters, keeping you warm and cosy.

Tweed as fabric may sound a bit too practical and tough, but believe us it’s an equally elegant and sophisticated piece of fabric. 

Put your tweed jacket on and you’re ready to grab everyone’s eyeballs. Especially, if you’re going to attend a wedding ceremony. Shop authentic tweed from Harris Tweed Shop

Good Luck!

Join the Tweed Fever Before It’s Too Late!

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